Create Your Dream Space in the New Year.

The start of a new year brings new beginnings, goals, and new tasks to accomplish. One of the top to-do tasks on the new year's list is usually completing a renovation project in the home. I am a big advocate that your home should reflect your personality, therefore I encourage you to define qualities you would like to create in your dream space.

"Your home doesn't need to look like anyone else's but your own."

What is most important to you in your home? Decide what is important to you in order to determine the functions for each space in your home. Once you have a function defined, this will provide the purpose. Having a purpose is the beginning phase to creating a plan. 

How do you want to feel in your home? Having a plan allows you or your interior designer to create a layout that will be the base to your design. Once the layout is finalized it's important to know how you want to feel in your space. Colors, lighting, texture, placement, and finish options are all choices that affect how you feel in your space. Your choices have to be chosen strategically.  

What personal or meaningful touches do you want in your home? The difference between a house and a home is personalization. A house is just the shell, whereas a home is the soul. Your home should showcase your style, your personality, your hobbies, your loved ones and your prized possessions. Someone should be able to walk into your home and know who you are. 

follow the steps to achieving your dream space

follow the steps to achieving your dream space

Are you excited about creating your dream space yet? Stay connected to Georgette Marise to find out helpful do's and don'ts for starting a renovation project from our own expert contractors. Share with me ideas for your dream space in the comments below.

Here's to creating dream spaces!