5 Things You Should Do When Working with an Interior Designer

Things you should do when working with an interior designer

Things you should do when working with an interior designer

Do you go through pictures on Houzz, Pinterest, or Home Decor Magazines thinking, "Why can't my home look and feel like that?" or "That room is beautiful! How did they do that?". Most likely they used the assistance of a professional interior designer or decorator.

Your home should be a reflection of your personality. How do you achieve that and make your home look beautiful and be functional at the same time? Hire a professional! A professional interior designer will allow your personality to shine while taking your lifestyle, space, and budget in consideration. It is important to hire a designer that you will enjoy working with. A great designer achieves more than a beautiful space, they change the way you LIVE in your home.

Here are some things I suggest to all my clients that they do prior and during our working relationship.

1. Ask your Designer Questions

If you've never worked with a designer before, you probably have a lot of questions as to how they work. When working with a designer, there's always a process. Ask what the process is so you know what to expect. As designers we never want to create surprises for our clients. Don't assume if there's something you're unsure about, just ask. Have questions about our services? CLICK HERE

2. Have a Budget

Unless you have an unlimited budget, plan ahead of how much you can afford to spend on your total project from beginning to end. Many designers charge by the hour, percentage, or by project, so have an idea of how much you can afford and let your designer know that. The worst mistake, is when you tell a designer that you don't have a budget and they design a beautiful project that costs 30k and you only have 10k to spend. That will waste the designer's time and you'll be mad that you can't have what they presented.

3. Communicate

You and your designer are a team, so if there is something you're unsure about make sure you communicate exactly what you mean. Many of my clients have their own idea of a style or design they saw, sometimes the best way to communicate something specific is through pictures from magazines.

4. Do Research

Find out more about your designer and their background. Have they been formally trained with a degree in interior design or architecture? How many years experience to they have? Are they a designer or decorator, there is a difference. 


A decorator is a creative professional who can accessorize and change any surface to make it look aesthetically pleasing. An interior designer is professionally trained to design a space from beginning to its completion. They take into account structural elements, lighting and functionality of an interior. 

Here are some other ideas to research. Do they have a website and portfolio? Do they have referrals? What is their specialty? Are they a full-service company with a team of workers? These are all questions that you should ask when hiring a decorator/designer or company. 

architectural drawings

architectural drawings

5. Trust your Designer

You have paid money for a professional, tell them your needs for your space, your likes and dislikes...now it's time to allow your designer to gather all of your information, add their expertise, and produce a functional and beautiful space that reflects you! 

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