His & Hers: How to Create a Space That Will Reflect Both Styles

Do you and your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend have disagreements about "her style" or "his style"? Do you wish there was a way to have your home look both masculine and feminine? As an interior designer I often sit down with couples who struggle to find a balance between masculine & feminine decor. Can a room really be both? The answer is YES!

"In order to break the rules of design, you must first know what the rules are." 

What do you think of when you picture a feminine room? Light & cheerful colors, florals, curvilinear lines, soft & plush pillows, vases, and lots of details.

What do you think of when you picture a masculine room? Rich & dark colors, stripes & plaids, straight forward lines, texture, and very few details.

Masculine vs. Feminine Decor

Masculine vs. Feminine Decor

Want to know how to combine both a masculine & feminine look, while still showcasing your individual styles?  This is where hiring a professional designer can save you a lot of headache, stress and arguments.  Here are some some key points to keep in mind.

Discuss Your Likes and Dislikes.  If one of you dislikes plaids and the other dislikes greens, don't incorporate plaids or greens into the design. Often times it's easier to start with what you DON'T like before figuring out what you DO like. Once the two of you figure out what you dislike, find common ground on what the both you like. For example, if comfort is important make sure you both shop for seating together.  I had a client who had to have a wingback, leather reclining chair to watch t.v. That was the only item in the living room he cared about. So one of the first things I did was find the perfect location in the layout for his chair and started shopping for a wingback chair.

His & Her Living Space

His & Her Living Space

In this design, the husband loved grays, browns, leather and wanted an industrial looking light fixture. The wife on the other hand loved pinks, florals and small details. So I married the two likes by incorporating a grey fabric sofa accented by soft, rose colored geometric pillows accompanied with a brown leather chair and a soft pink colored throw draped on the arm. I also used a cream and teal geometric pattern area rug on top of their existing walnut hardwood floors. I added a floral wall art and grey colored grommet panels for a more masculine look. I also added an industrial inspired ceiling fixture to add a modern, yet vintage element.

Compromise. Being in a relationship is all about compromising, right? Well, same thing with designing a room with more than one person involved. You have to meet in the middle. Once you know what your likes are, prioritize them into a "must have" list. Take your "must have" list to your designer so she can incorporate them into the design. 

Bring It All Together. After you find common ground, find things that will compliment each other. For example, if you have a black leather sofa use soft, patterned pillows with a light tone area rug to add contrast and a little feminine touch. It's all about pulling all the components that the both of you love. 


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