Simple Decorating Ideas for Your Deck or Patio

Summer is officially in full gear and that means more time outdoors. There's something about summer that brings a casual attitude to life. We enjoy eating outside, taking walks in the park, driving to the beach for the weekend and going on a relaxing vacation. 

"...create an extension of your home, outdoors."

Enjoying the outdoors can also mean spending time right outside your home. If you live in a smaller home like a rowhome or townhome you may only have a rooftop deck or small patio as your "outdoor space" and probably asking, "How do I enjoy outdoor living in such a small area?". I can relate because I live in the city with a deck and small yard. But there's hope! With just a few key pieces you can create an extension of your home outdoors to enjoy after a long day of work or hosting friends and family for a BBQ.

For more product info click link to Polyvore.

For more product info click link to Polyvore.

Chairs. Use a couple of outdoor chairs instead of a typical sofa or loveseat. This will save space on your deck or small patio and allow for easy moving around.

Accent Pillows. Pillows are a quick and simple way of elevating a typical outdoor chair. Pillows are like artwork. They are a small component but can tell the story of your outdoor space. Mix and match with prints, solids, or graphic pillows. 

Garden Stool. Placing a garden stool between 2 chairs is a great way to add a tabletop surface. It's also a creative way to add a pop of color to your decor!

Outdoor Rug. An outdoor rug brings an area together. A rug sets the tone to your overall decor. Make sure your rug is not too big or too small. 

Patio Umbrella. A patio umbrella is a must, especially if your deck does not have an awning or some form of providing shade. Not only does an umbrella block the sun and provide shade, but similar to the rug, it has the ability to bring an area together. Design Tip: If your furnishing is against the wall and you don't have room for a full umbrella, consider a half umbrella.

Outdoor Poufs. Poufs are great outdoors too! They are comfortable lounging floor seats that add texture and color to your outdoor design. Add 1, 2 or 3 to elevate your decor.   

Accent Chair. Adding a hanging chair, a small scale chair, or a hammock is a great way to create a little reading nook or just a private area to relax off to the side.

Accent Plants. Plants on your deck or patio are important, especially if you live in the city where having grass is a luxury.  Plants add greenery, dimension, and an organic freshness to your space. This is also an area where mixing and matching will add visual interest. Design Tip: If you have a tall fence, consider adding wall plants in individual pots hung in rows on your fence. Add floor plants to add height in a corner and small potted flowers on table surfaces for decorative accents. 

If you have outdoor furnishings but don't feel like your outdoor decor is where it can be, let me be an extra set of eyes and hands to create an extension of your home outdoors. Email me at to discuss how we can transform your outdoor space together.

I want to hear how you use your outdoor space. Leave your comments below.

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How Fresh Flowers Can Add a Special POP to your Decor



I am so excited spring is finally here and the weather has been consistent. The best part of spring, in my opinion, are the new flowers blooming, bright colors and a sense of freshness. After being confined indoors from winter, spring allows us to enjoy the outdoors and even bring the outdoors in. Flowers are a great way to add an organic, outdoor element indoors. What I love and enjoy about flowers are the various ways they bring life to a completed space. 

As many of you know, I love almost anything Parisian. That is probably something I got from my late grandmother Georgette (hence the name). My family is from the Caribbean and one of the languages I grew up around was French. I have not made it to France yet, but it is on my list! I say that to say, I bumped into this adorable Parisian floral and garden boutique in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia. I later found out that this cute floral shop Petit Jardin en Ville, is owned by a husband and wife couple. When I stopped in the store I felt very relaxed and at peace because of my surroundings. The vintage garden decor, with the gray painted brick wall, pails of fresh and colorful flower stems, accompanied with a knowledgeable and friendly store associate made me feel comfortable and inspired to find my own new flower. This experience has inspired me to write about the MANY ways fresh flowers can add a special POP to your home decor. 

Adds Color. The beautiful thing about flowers is there are thousands of types that can be mixed and matched to coordinate with your room decor. Even if the design of your space is neutral, a bright floral arrangement can add that je ne sais quoi or that element of surprise.

Instagram: @petitjardinenville

Instagram: @petitjardinenville

Adds Height. The secret to arranging accessories is to work in odd numbers. Floral arrangements are a great way to add height to a flat tabletop surface, such as a dining table, kitchen island or a desk. Floral arrangements can vary in height both tall and low. Be sure to choose one that is to scale with your overall design. For example, a low arrangement is perfect for a centerpiece on a dining table during a dinner party. This allows guests to comfortably conversate with one another. 

Adds Freshness. Even the most beautiful room can feel stale. Fresh flowers have a way of bringing a fresh, fragrance and life to a space. 

Spring Floral Centerpiece with fresh cut limes designed by Georgette Marise Interiors.

Spring Floral Centerpiece with fresh cut limes designed by Georgette Marise Interiors.

Once you've found your perfect selection of fresh cut flowers and add them to your completed space, Mimi Verde, owner and florist of VERDE' EVENTS, says there are key things you can do to extend the longevity of your beautiful arrangement. 

  • Remove all dead foliage from your stems.
  • Change your water daily to retain freshness.
  • Use flower food to help the flowers last longer.
  • Cut the stems at an angle daily. 

All flowers are different so Mimi suggests that if you have hydrangeas, keep them away from sunlight. For roses, she suggests using a capful of Coca-Cola in the water. Most floral arrangements should last 7-10 days if maintained properly. To contact VERDE' EVENTS call Mimi at 267.928.5034. 

Comment below to share your favorite flowers. 

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Color. How to Use it Properly when decorating your home.

Color! Some people are terrified of it and others LOVE it! Where do you fall? As an interior designer my clients require guidance on how to apply the appropriate color palette for their home. In most cases, it is common for people to feel overwhelmed when selecting colors on their own to decorate a space.  Color affects your mood and your perception of a space or object.

"Let's embrace your comfort level with color and learn how to incorporate it into your home." 

using color correctly.   PAINT: SW 6379 JERSEY CREAM

using color correctly.  PAINT: SW 6379 JERSEY CREAM

Develop a Palette. Every space needs a color palette. A color palette is an index of all the main colors that are selected for the room.  When developing a color palette first decide on which color will be the primary color in the space. I suggest compiling three to five different colors for your space. Let’s create a scenario using a color palette that consist of teal and rust. A great color to add to the palette would be a neutral color, a latte or a butter yellow to balance the two main colors. 

Choosing your Colors.  Ever go to a paint store to find a color to paint your room and feel lost? The good news is that you will only need 3 or 5 colors for your palette. A good exercise when deciding on colors is to find out what colors inspire you and use them in layers. A trade secret that professionals use often is selecting a primary color for the main walls, a secondary color for an accent wall, and a third color for details such as ceiling paint options.

If you are having a hard time finding inspiration flip through some decorating magazines, browse online or take a trip to a furniture showroom to get some ideas on color combinations that they use and make sure to talk to your interior designer to get a professional opinion on colors you selected for your space. If your inspiration piece has more than 5 colors, choose 3 to 5 of those colors to incorporate in your room.

Using Layers of Color. Once you have determined your color palette, you need to make sure that you have light, medium, and dark colors throughout your palette. Your colors can come from your paint, flooring, furniture, or accessories. You might have a color palette that has 5 different colors that compliment each other and has a hint of warm or cool, but if all 5 colors are the same tone or shade this creates a flat, uninteresting color palette. Even if your room were to consist of one color in order for everything in the room to not camouflage you will need to create a palette with light, medium, and dark tones.

"Making sure your palette has light, medium, and dark tones creates dimension and interest to any room."

I used a mixture of light, medium and dark colors to create a well balanced color palette. Paint: SW 6379 Jersey Cream

I used a mixture of light, medium and dark colors to create a well balanced color palette. Paint: SW 6379 Jersey Cream

In this townhouse living room, I used the lighter tones on the walls, ceiling, ottoman and the area rug.  The medium color tones were used in the sofa, pillows and window treatments, and I used the darkest tones in the leather recliner and the wood floors.

Color is an essential piece to decorating and designing any room. It will affect how you see and feel in a room. Using the proper amount of colors creates layers of interest in a space.



Are you still feeling stuck with what colors to use on your walls? Are you worried about making a mistake? Choose my Paint Color Suggestions service today and get hand picked color options perfect for your space. Don't forget to leave your comments below.

Here's to decorating with color!