Create a Bedroom Your Kids Will LOVE

Kids bring so much energy, joy and love into a household. It's important that they have a bedroom as a space that reflects their personality. The key word is...THEIR. Yes... your little prince or princess have their own style and personality. It starts at an early age and will change or expand as they get older. When your kids have a space, like their bedroom, that reflects their personality it makes it easy for them to be completely themselves.  Here are some tips to creating a bedroom that your kids will want to grow, learn and have fun in!

Develop a Layout

Have a plan to determine which area in the room is the sleeping area, play area, and homework/reading area. Once you have measured and developed a plan it will make it easier to know where you will place your furniture.

Use Kid Friendly Items

Make sure your kid’s room is an area that your child can be creative and a space that represents their personality. For example, if your son loves outdoors use accessories and earth tone colors like natural browns, sun yellows, or ocean blues that you would find outside. Find ways of bringing the “outdoors in”.

Ask your kids

Since your child is going to be the one using this room the most, it should be a room that reflects him or her. It’s a good idea to ask your kids about what they would like to have in their room before making the final decision. Most kids are visual so one way of finding out what they like is to take them to their favorite store like, a kids clothing store, a kid’s furniture store, a candy store or a toy store. Use some of the elements from their toys, favorite candy, or an outfit they love to come up with a color palette or a theme.

If you need more ideas or assistance for your little one's room? No worries, I 'm here to help. Email your dilemma to me at and I will do my best to assist you in transforming your kid's room into the best space they've ever seen!

Until next time!