Are you using these 15 tips to bring the Christmas spirit into your home?

1. Tie your throw pillows with holiday ribbon to resemble a gift for Christmas decor.

2. Hang up a string and clothespin your greeting cards along the line all month long.

3. Place white ornaments and silver metallic votives on top of red doilies to create a dramatic effect.

Christmas ornaments on table

4. Place a bunch of candy canes in a clear vase for a cute and easy decoration.

5. Have any neat branches outside? Pick them and spray paint them silver and gold for elegant and vintage reminiscent decor.

6. Don’t have Christmas stockings? Buy some large sized holiday socks to hang from the mantel!

7. Fill a vase with cranberries and water for an elegant centerpiece.

8. Use wrapping paper as holiday art in simple frames.

9. Take a bunch of old wine bottle and spray paint them in holiday colors and fill them with twigs for a stunning mantel display.

10. Fill clear vases with water you tint with food coloring in holiday colors and float a votive! Great centerpiece!

11. Wrap your front door to look like a Christmas present!

12. For your dining table centerpiece, try a runner with round glass ornaments spread down the length. Quick & Easy!

13. Instead of nametags for guests at the table, create cookies and write their names in icing to place at their setting!

holiday cookies

14. Add garland to your staircase with lights and ornaments!

15. Use candelabras and place decorative round ball ornaments on top in a cluster for a great centerpiece. 

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Master The Art Of Christmas Mantle Decor With These 5 Tips

If you have a fireplace you know it is an architectural feature and is one of the focal points to your room. It should also be a focal point to your Christmas decorations, however there is no need to go overboard on decorations. Keep these tips in mind when you are decorating your fireplace mantel for Christmas.

1. Create a Theme or Style. If you are trying to achieve a modern Christmas look keep it simple with a few statement pieces. For example, you can get 3 or 5 clear, round glass jars filled with ornaments and spread them across your mantle by placing the tallest jars on the ends. 


If you are going for a more classic, traditional Christmas decor use items that are timeless and ornate. For example you can drape fresh, pine garland across the length of your mantle wrapped with white Christmas lights or a decorated wreath above your mantle to achieve an elegant and festive look.

Christmas Mantle

2. Add Personalization. The beauty of decorating your mantle is that it allows you to add your personal touch. Personalize your mantle with monogram stockings or add 1-2 festive picture frames of your family.

3. Use Variation. For visual interest use items that vary in height, color, or texture. For example, if you are using candles choose 3 or 5 candles with different heights. If you are placing green garland across your mantle, accent it with small ornaments that hang down or tie fabric ribbons for contrast.

4. Use Odd Numbers. A rule of thumb when you are accessorizing is to use odd numbers to add appeal. Place one statement piece in the middle of your mantle or use groupings of 3 or 5 objects for visual interest. 

5. Be Consistent.  Decorating and designing is like telling a story. Your fireplace mantle decorations have to flow with the Christmas decor throughout your home, make sure there is a connection. For example, if your Christmas tree is decorated with white lights and all red ornaments be sure to add at least 1 or 2 red colored items to your mantle.

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