Relaxing Staycation Ideas

Summer is in full swing and before you know it autumn will be here. If you haven't had the opportunity to squeeze in a weekend getaway or an adventurous vacation staying in is always an option. Consider a staycation by taking some time out for yourself in your own home. Yes...vacation in your own home! Here are some ideas to make your time relaxing.

Start planning your relaxing staycation.

Start planning your relaxing staycation.

Turn all phones and email off. Okay...maybe keep your phone on in case of an emergency or to take pictures. But after all you are on vacation, not working from home or catching up on the latest current events. Remove yourself from the outside world for just a small period of time. Remember to take care of any unresolved business before your staycation. 

Make babysitting arrangements with relatives or friends if you have children. Even if it's for 2 or 3 days, a few uninterrupted days will help you recharge. 

Have everything done for you. This includes ordering take out from your favorite restaurant and hiring a cleaning service for a couple of hours. 

Surround yourself with your favorite things. When you're caught up in the busyness of work and home life you seldom get the chance to take time to do what you love to do even in your own home. So this is your time to stream your favorite shows, finish reading that book you started, take a moment to sit outside with a cocktail or soak in your tub with some candles. 

Treat yourself to something that you typically would not do. For example, go to a local spa and get a relaxing massage or take a hiking trip on a nearby trail. However you decide to treat yourself it's important to be in the moment and enjoy the small, simple things. 

Life is so short, so make sure you enjoy every moment. In order to BE the best version of YOU, YOU must take care of YOU. Get ready to relax, recharge and regroup. Leave a comment below to share your favorite staycation items.

Here's to a relaxing staycation!