When To Redesign Your Space

Are you struggling with when to start a new project in your home or when to redesign your space? Did you just move and trying to decide what pieces of furniture and accessories to keep and what to purchase? Here are some suggestions on when and where to start.

Make a List.

Start with looking around your space in it’s current state and make a list of what you don’t like. Looking at your list will help you decide what to keep and what to say goodbye to. For example, if you are tired of how your living room looks because it’s been 10 years since you changed the colors and furnishings, start with updating your accessories. Switching out artwork or table accents can freshen up your space. 

Freshen up with new wall decor.

Freshen up with new wall decor.

Say Goodbye.

Locate the items on your list that have seen better days. Often times we hold on to things because we are comfortable with the “things” we have. Part with the things that do not have sentimental value and that no longer serve their purpose. This will bring new energy to the space and make room for updated, functional, and NEW items.

Hire a Professional.

Hiring a professional interior designer can save time, energy, and money. If you're not ready to start from scratch or start on a project at all, consider having an Inspiration Board designed for you. An Inspiration Board will give you an idea of what would look great in your space and give you ideas of paint colors, furniture options, table styles, and proper wall decor. 

Inspiration Board with decorating ideas

Inspiration Board with decorating ideas

It doesn't have to take much, but once you redesign your space it will feel like a completely new room that you will bring new energy to. Ready to get started with just some decorating ideas? Tell me more about your space in the comments below. Get started HERE.

Happy Redesigning!