5 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Mom this Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is in a few days and the stress of picking the right gift or flowers with the hopes of booking a reservation for brunch can be overwhelming. Gifts, flowers or going out for Sunday brunch are all great ways to show your mom that you care and were thinking of her, especially if her love language is receiving gifts. However, sometimes the best memories are the ones that are created through spending quality time together at home.

If your mom lives local spending quality time at home can beat the gift of beautiful flowers and personalized keepsakes. Even though my “love language” is quality time I can get so consumed with the busyness of life that as a mother myself I undervalue the impact of building memories with my 8-year-old daughter until she tells me how much those times mean to her.

Quality time doesn’t have to be complicated or overthought but it should revolve around your mom’s interests (since it is Mother’s Day). Here are some ideas you can share together around the house.

  1. Cook or Bake Together. Sharing time in the kitchen can bring a relationship even closer, especially if cooking or baking is a passion that you and your mother enjoy together. The beauty of this quality time is that you get to enjoy the labor of your love.

  2. Gardening Together. This is personally an activity I enjoy doing with my mother-in-law. She loves to garden and she has thought me so much about planting. If spending time in the kitchen feels stressful you may find getting your hands dirty outside in the yard or planting pots on the balcony relaxing.

  3. Watch a Movie. If you’re looking for a casual, comfortable and relaxing day with mom one idea is staying in and putting a movie on. Since it’s Mother’s Day be sure you let mom pick the movie and have her favorite snacks available.

  4. Spending Time with the Family. This is especially nice if your mom always loves to spend time with her grandkids. Prepare some projects (like some already mentioned) and instead of just you and mom include the kids.

  5. Tea Time. Life can be often filled with going from one appointment to another, running daily errands, and work/family obligations. Taking a breather and sitting down with your mom over tea and hors d’oeuvres is a great way to pause and cherish the company of your mother.


Your version of spending quality time maybe different based on your mom’s interest and personality and your overall relationship with her but the goal is the same. I hope you make some precious memories with your mom this Mother’s Day!

Share one of you most memorable times with your mom below.

Bonne Fête des Mères! (french. Happy Mother's Day!)

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