Top 7 Responses from Dads About Their Dream Man Cave

So last month was Mother's Day and I had the pleasure of writing about how grateful I am for having a mother that made me into the woman I am today. This month however, is Father's Day and instead of suggesting cool gift ideas I wanted to ask a group of some of the best dads I know what they would want in their dream man cave. This group of dads range from all backgrounds, ages and occupations. Some of them are brand new dads entering the new world of parenting and some are empty nesters who have become grandfathers.

"Anyone can be a FATHER, but it takes someone special to be a DAD..." - Wade Boggs

Dads are awesome and need an area in the home where they can pause and relax a.k.a the Man Cave. I asked these group of dads to dream a little and share what their top must haves would include if they had their dream man cave (just in case you wanted to add any to your gift list for Father's Day)Moms-here are their top responses starting from the most popular. Of course I added my design tips to their responses. So Enjoy!

What is a Man Cave?

What is a Man Cave?

1. Big Flat Screen TV/Projector. I would usually not recommend the tv as the focal point but in the case of a man cave this can be an attractive focal point if displayed properly. Tip: Try mounting your flat screen on the wall with a mural wallpaper of your favorite theme as the background (e.i. a sport's field, outdoor landscape, etc.). This is one way to make your tv part of the design and it adds visual interest when the tv isn't on. 

2. Bar with Beer Taps. This was a popular answer. One dad even included a root beer tap for the kids-I thought was awesome! The perfect bar is always stocked with dad's favorite adult drinks, a small sink, mini fridge and a microwave. Tip: If you are handy, build your own bar and add a couple leather or metal stools for an inviting, unique look. Please avoid purchasing a bar set with matching stools-this is the chance to be eclectic and different.

What's a bar without a beer tap?

What's a bar without a beer tap?

3. Pool Table/Game Area/Card Table. Depending on dad's preferred hobbies he might want a specific area in the man cave for a pool table, a card/poker table or an area for video games. It's all based on the preferences of the dad since it's his space.

4. Jersey Display/Sports Memorabilia. This is the area that is the most personal. If dad is a big sports fan or was an athlete in his younger days than this is an important component to his cave. The best way to showcase his favorite team or to cherish his old sports jersey is to have them framed. The frames don't have to match but should be similar in style if you have more than one. Tip: To display any personal awards or autographed items use 2 or 3 floating shelves hung at eye level for a modern and sleek look.  

5. Leather Recliner. You can't have a great man cave without a comfortable seat for the man of the house, right? What is more comfortable than a soft, leather recliner? This can range from an individual reclining chair, a sectional with connected recliners or reclining theater seating. From someone who has worked in the furniture industry, I can personally tell you that when it comes to recliners buy quality if you want it to last. Tip: There are so many options with recliners (e.i. power reclining, massage options, etc) so be sure to ask your sales associate for details. 

6. Workout Equipment. If staying fit is important and part of dad's lifestyle than this is absolutely a must. The equipment doesn't have to take a large portion space but can be easily incorporated into a corner OR it can be the dominant factor of the man cave whichever dad prefers. Tip: If you want to add a workout area and have an open floor plan, paint an accent wall to visually separate this area from the rest of the cave.

7. Studio Space. Is dad an artist, musician or any other form of creator? Being a creative person myself I understand loving your craft. Having a separate area to create or be inspired (outside of work and home life) can be the perfect excuse for a man cave. Dad can combine his studio space with a recliner, large tv and surround sound...what more can you ask for! Tip: Storage and organization will be key here. Add freestanding cabinets, shelving units, a large work table and tool chests to maximize the use of the space. 

creating a studio space as part of your man cave is a great option for musicians, artists, designers, etc. 

creating a studio space as part of your man cave is a great option for musicians, artists, designers, etc. 

Overall, I was really impressed by how detailed these responses were. That made me realize how most dads CRAVE a space of their own. Let's appreciate the dad's in our lives not only this Father's Day but everyday because of the important role they play in our children's lives, the role they've played in our lives and others around them. 

If you want to SURPRISE dad this Father's Day by creating his dream man cave or even add to his existing man cave email me TODAY at or call me at 610.924.2780 to get started! Disclaimer: If you are planning to "surprise" dad with a man cave, it's wise to consult a professional for assistance. 

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there!


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