Eye Catching Colors to Paint Your Front Door

Have you ever been impressed by a house just from the exterior? Have you passed a house that made you look twice at the front door? Great curb appeal can make any house feel welcoming and create a lasting impression. If you are putting your house on the market, curb appeal is essential to making a first impression to homebuyers.

One of the most important components to curb appeal is your front door. Your front door is the personality to the exterior of your home. Before someone steps inside your home they are greeted by your front door. What does your front door say about your home? Is it boring and outdated or stylish and inviting?

Front door paint colors from HGTV.com & Pinterest.com

Front door paint colors from HGTV.com & Pinterest.com

"Your front door is the personality to the exterior of your home."

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Ready to paint your front door? Before you change the color of your door, here are some helpful tips to consider.

  • use the proper paint application based on the material your door e.i. Is your door wood, metal, fiberglass, steel,etc.? 
  • make sure you choose a color that will highlight the original architecture of your home
  • determine what impression you want to make before picking a color e.i. Do you want to create a subtle yet rich look or a bright yet dramatic look?
  • remove all hardware prior to painting
  • remember to clean the entire door and prep in a dust-free area before priming and painting
  • make sure your final hardware compliments your new door color

Need assistance with picking the perfect color? Afraid of making a mistake? Painting your front door is a big decision. Select my Paint Color Suggestion and let me choose a paint color specifically for your front door. 

Cheers to a stylish & welcoming front door!



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