3 Bar Cart Accessories for your New Year's Eve Party

The countdown for the New Year is quickly approaching! If you are hosting a few friends and family, a bar cart can be the star of the night. A bar cart can be mobile or in a permanent location used as a serving station. With arranging these few accessories you can elevate the appearance of your bar cart just in time for your New Year's Eve guests! 

Ice Bucket. If you have specific liquors you are using to make cocktails place 2-4 bottles on your cart first. This will add height and allow you to built around them. If you have certain liquors that need to remain cold place them in an ice bucket. An ice bucket can be decorative just as it is functional.

Shaker. Show off your bartending or mixology skills by using a shaker for some of your New Year's drinks. Place your shaker near your liquor bottles and next to any additional ingredients you are using like mint leaves, limes, etc. This should be on the top shelf since you will need it on hand to mix.

Add stylish and functional accessories to your bar cart. 

Add stylish and functional accessories to your bar cart. 

Glasses. You can't have a functional bar cart without glasses. Display and store a group of different glasses based on the drinks you are serving. For example, you can start with wine glasses then also include pairs of tumblers or martini glasses if you are serving cocktails. I always like placing my glasses in rows for a clean and professional display. 

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Happy New Year and here's to 2017!