Bring Fall Looks and Scents Into your Home

Though the seasons this year have taken an unusual twist, by that I mean it feels as though we went from summer straight to winter, I still want to celebrate and enjoy the fall season. Fall is suppose to be the beautiful transition from the hot summer day to the cold wintery nights. I love watching the leaves turn into rich earth tone colors before they gently drop to the ground.


As the seasons change so do we. From our wardrobe to our home decor we add multiple layers and textures mixed with dark color tones during this transition of seasons. The great thing is you can add fall looks and scents in small ways that can make a big impact.

Add Layers. A well designed space has layers. This can be as simple as adding a soft throw to the arm of your sofa or switching out your spring and summer pillows with a grouping of fall colored pillows. In your dining area try adding a runner to your table for texture and definition or new bedding for your relaxing bedroom. Tracey Evelyn, stylist expert and owner of Tracey Evelyn recommends the following fabrics and textures on trend this fall: leather, chenille, burlap, knit, tweed and faux fur.


Add Fall Scents. This tip hits home for me. Why? Because I enjoy beautiful scents, especially when they are subtle and natural. Anyone that knows me, knows I love candles. Actually, I would say I’m obsessed with candles! This past September I had the great joy of experiencing making my own candle with some friends at a new BYOB eco-friendly candle making studio called Wax + Wine in Philadelphia. During my time there I had the chance to chat with Co-Founder, Jordan Beletz about what scents add to a space in the fall season.

Sabine: In a brief sentence, explain what is Wax + Wine?

Jordan: Wax + Wine is a BYOB candle making experience.


Sabine: I'm a big believer that scents affect how people feel in a space. In your opinion, what are some benefits to adding aromatics to a space?

Jordan: It sets a mood and becomes a piece of interior. Similar to how fresh flowers always make a statement, a candle scent evokes memories and conversation. It adds another dimension to a space. It adds emotion to something beautiful.

Sabine: What is it about the scent of pumpkins that resonates with people in the fall?

Jordan: It brings back memories. From pumpkin picking with their family when they were children, it’s a sign of a season changing. Summer is over and winter is near, and there is no better season then fall. Plus everyone loves pumpkins.

Sabine: From your collection of scents at Wax + Wine, what are your favorite scents for the fall season and why?

Jordan: I love the basics. Hazelnut Coffee, Pumpkin Chai, and Fresh Coffee. I love their strong scents, every time I light them it makes any room feel warmer, and they just smell delicious~


Sabine: What makes a quality candle?

Jordan: A high grade, quality wax and top grade fragrance oil and the proper ratio. Candle making is a science, and we are always trying to improve our recipe.

Personally, my favorite fall look and scent this season are soft throws with my bayberry cypress candle. Share in the comments below what your favorite look or scent is this season. I look forward to reading what your favorites are.

À la prochaine,

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Holiday Series: Last Minute Dinner Party Decor Ideas

Dinner parties are great moments shared with friends and family over food and drinks. However, before your guests taste your delicious food and drinks it's the decor and ambiance that sets the tone to your party. This is especially key with the holidays. 

Last minute holiday decorating.png

When you're hosting a dinner party, the decor extends past the dining table. It starts from the front door then to the sofa and even extends to the powder room. With the holidays a few days away, I've selected a few simple yet stylish accessories that will set a festive tone before your guests arrive. Some of them you may already have, if not I've attached the links below to purchase directly.

Simple Holiday Decor Ideas. 

Simple Holiday Decor Ideas. 

Wreath. Set the tone with a wreath. This season I am in love with the Winter Berry Wreath. Nothing gives a warm greeting like a wreath hung on your front door as guests enter.

Ornaments. Ornaments can be used beyond your tree. Switch out your coffee table centerpiece or foyer console centerpiece for a bowl filled with ornaments. This will add a festive accent as guests are coming in. If you have little ones you may want to get shatterproof ornaments. 

Layers of Candles. As many of you know I am a candle lover, especially when decorating for a party. Use a series of gold, silver or mercury candle votives on your foyer table, coffee table, kitchen island, and in your powder room for an intimate ambiance. Then use pillar candles on your dining table or tall candlesticks on your dining table if you are having a smaller sit-down dinner. For larger parties, add the pillar candles near the buffet and around the sitting areas.

Festive Accent Pillows. Extend the holiday decor to your living areas by adding accent pillows to your existing sofa and chairs. Remember to mix your pillow sizes, this adds visual interest. For example, if you have a large 20" square pillow add a smaller, square pillow in front of it and a shimmering rectangular kidney pillow in the middle. To shop the gold & ivory sequence pillow click here.

Table Runner. Whether you are using your dining table for an intimate dinner for 6-10 or as a serving surface for the menu of delicious dishes adding a textured or patterned table runner can create the base for your focal point. Click here to purchase the table runner above. 

Tray. A dinner party is the time to dust show off your best serving tray. I love this round, gold tray above because it is the perfect base to hold wine glasses as guests arrive. It can turn a set of simple clear glasses into a festive collection. 

Florals. Add a vase with fresh cut flowers and place on your table runner with your candles. This will add a fresh and organic layer to your decor. I choose a grouping of hydrangeas in a glass vase but you can also re-pot poinsettias as a table centerpiece.

Before you go and purchase last minute decorations, first go through what you already have. The great thing is these items are easy to find last minute and will elevate your party. Please share photos from your parties on our Facebook page. 

Joyeux Noël!

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Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts

Christmas is officially 2 days away! If you are missing some gifts from your list, no worries. Here are some great last minute gift ideas you can grab for your mother, sister, girlfriend, co-worker or any other special person in your life.

last minute gift guide

last minute gift guide

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