How to Get the Look of a Luxury Hotel Room

Ever wish your bedroom could look and feel like a clean, relaxing getaway? With just a few decor essentials you can transform your bedroom into a hotel-style bedroom. 

The key to creating a hotel-style bedroom is to remove clutter. You have to make your bedroom a space where you can be yourself and feel pampered. If you have clutter in your bedroom, it's not going to feel like a peaceful oasis. 

Upholstered Headboard. The bed is the focal point of the bedroom. An upholstered headboard can add texture and softness to your bedroom. If you are going to use an upholstered headboard, I would recommend a neutral color (i.e. cream, beige, brown, grey, etc.) to allow for versatility.

Coverlet. Often times in a luxury hotel room the bedding is layered with a duvet, bed sheets and standard pillows in crisp white. The coverlet is the layer that usually is folded and tucked at the foot of the bed and provides the accent to the white base layers. Design Tip: If you have a white base, add a tone-on-tone solid color or pattern print coverlet for interest.

Accent Pillows. Pillows in a bedroom are essential in a bedroom. I personally encourage clients to incorporate 2-3 euro shams and 2-3 different sized decorative pillows for a final touch to setting a bed. This will add dimension, texture and color to your bedding. 

"Pillows are to a room what jewelry is to an outfit." - S. Hayes

Nightstand. Your nightstand is one of the most used table surfaces in the bedroom. Therefore it has to be functional, durable and stylish. The style and design has to shine next to your bed. Design Tip: For a unique look choose a nightstand that contrast with your bed. Just make sure it is proportioned and balanced properly to your bed frame.

Lighting. Lighting is key to any space. Luxury hotel rooms use layers of light sources in each room for efficient, focused and accent lighting such as table lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps. Wall sconces beside the bed frame are a great alternative to table lamps on nightstands. Wall sconces can serve as both task and accent lighting. 

Lastly, hotel rooms use neutral wall colors combined with textured wallpaper like grasscloth to add depth. Neutral wall colors create a fresh and clean base to your color palette. This allows for colorful and interchangeable accessories. 

Creating a luxury hotel style bedroom is all about the details and quality. With the right placement, accents, and finishing touches you can turn your busy and tired bedroom into a relaxing hotel style room. To add a little luxury details to your room contact me today at to get started today. 

Here's to creating a relaxing oasis!