3 Reasons Why You Need a Beverage Station At Your Next BBQ

As you can already tell, I am a big fan of entertaining outdoors. With summer here and BBQ full in gear, this is the perfect opportunity to share about why you should have a beverage station at your next BBQ. A beverage station is a self-serve bar that offers your guests an assortment of drinks beautifully presented. You may be thinking...why do I need a beverage station?

1. Less Work For You. When you are hosting a party, there are a handful of things you are worrying about. Answering questions like "Do you have anything to drink?" or "Can I have some water?" doesn't have to be one of them. Every beverage (both spiked and non-alcoholic) offered are beautifully displayed for your guests to choose. Tip: Be sure to label all your beverages (especially the spiked ones) so you don't have to answer the question, "What is this?". Also, be sure to provide adhesive labels and markers for your guests to write their names on their glasses.

2. Adds Another Level of Aesthetics. A beautifully arranged beverage station can make the simplest item seem luxurious--even bottled water! Tip: Instead of throwing water bottles in the cooler at your next party, try removing the bottle labels and line them up in rows next to a bucket of ice for an elevated look. To take it even further, don't forget to add fresh fruits like apples, lemons, or strawberries as decor by simply propping them to your drink dispensers (make sure to choose fruits that are incorporated in the beverages).

Line up bottles of water on your serving table for an elevated look.

Line up bottles of water on your serving table for an elevated look.

3. Makes Your Guests Happy. A beverage station allows your guests to easily select a refreshing drink of their choice instead of searching through multiple coolers for the last bottle of sparkling juice. Tip: Encourage your guests to customize their drinks by combining multiple beverages to their liking (e.i. ginger ale, juice, and a little rum are my favorite combination!).

With just a few key pieces and a little arranging, your next outdoor party can be the event your guests will be talking about for months and years to come! Don't forget to share your comments below and subscribe to my mailing list so you don't miss out on any more blog postings!

Here's to great outdoor parties...Cheers!