Sabine's Favorite Tablescapes for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

With Thanksgiving around the corner you’re probably going down the checklist and finishing your last minute shopping if you’re hosting. Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude while in the company of loved ones and delicious food. The center of Thanksgiving dinner is the table. Whether you gather around for a sit-down dinner or serve a buffet style dinner the table is always the focal point.

I love a beautiful tablescape. A successful tablescape in my opinion has multiple layers of interest, especially for Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving tablescape has more items on the table than an average table setting. Here are my top favorite Pins of tablescapes perfect for Thanksgiving.

What I love about this setting is the use of gold, bronze and copper. Those tones have a warmth about them, perfect for fall. The gold flatware is balanced by the simple white charger, dinner & salad plate then topped off with the copper wine glasses. The copper wine glasses are the showpieces in this tablescape!

This tablescape caught my eye because of the beautiful pops of color (of course) but also the use of texture. I love the woven table runner as a base with the groupings of both velvet & real pumpkins in different colors accented by the mercury glass candle votives. However, what stood out to me immediately were the medium sized succulent/floral centerpieces in a black container! I loved the use of 3 centerpieces since they were fairly low and medium in size.

Unlike the previous tablescape pin, the use of a large floral centerpiece in this tablescape caught my eye. I love a large centerpiece in this setting because all the other elements (like the natural table, white are subtle). The amber glass urn as the container is both elegant and classic for a fall look.

This tablescape is a perfect example of how to use a table runner on a round table. In this tablescape the runner is used to divide the table in half, forcing 2 place settings to be at a slight angle instead of a 90 degree angle. Also, I love the light blush color palette, which is unusually for fall but it works well. I am a big fan of white pumpkins, so this setting has my love. This is beautiful for a smaller, intimate Thanksgiving dinner.

I find this tablescape unique. It’s both rustic and elegant. I love the lush, rich colors of the floral arrangement accented by the bold magnolia leaves running down the table. The alternating dinnerware creates a diverse setting but still coordinates with the overall style of the tablescape. For example, one place setting has a charcoal charger with an off-white/speckled plate while another place setting has an off-white charger with a charcoal plate next to an off-white charger with a gold-trim white plate setting. What brings these different settings together is the color palette, the common plum napkins with gold rings and the common glassware.

I hope your tablescape is a gathering location that envokes great conversation and laughter over a shared meal. Don’t be overwhelmed with what you need to create a beautiful table, use what you do have and allow everything else to fall into place.

For help creating a quick tablescape design using items you already have, schedule a phone consultation with me before Thanksgiving.

For more of my tablescape favorites follow my board on Pinterest. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Time Is Running Out! Use These 7 Items To Transform Your Thanksgiving Table Setting.

Thanksgiving is literally around the corner and you're hosting dinner at your home. You have all the food preparations organized and ready to go except for one thing...the TABLE! Fear not, with these 7 key items you will impress your dinner guests with a gorgeous table setting that will take minutes to arrange.

Thanksgiving table setting

Thanksgiving table setting

  1. Centerpiece. A centerpiece creates the theme for the entire table setting. For Thanksgiving, keep it organic and simple. Place a handful of fresh flowers (big blossoms such as hydrangeas and roses display beautifully) in a short glass vase. This will be a way to add color and brightness to your table.  For a long, rectangular table with leaves use 2 or 3 vases. For a large, round table use a round vase with a wide base.
  2. Dinner Plate. Keep your dinner plate option simple. Use a solid color plate or one with an outer trim for a touch of detail. This will be the base to the design of your table setting. When in doubt a simple white dinner plate is always a good option.
  3. Charger. Using a charger is essential because it will retain the heat from your dinnerware, prevent spills and messes from touching your table, and adds texture to your table setting. Place your charger underneath each guest's dinner plate, in between your flatware arrangement and below your glasses.
  4. Dinner Napkins. Napkins are great accessories to a table setting but they also need to be functional. Decide if you are going to use cloth or disposable napkins. Large napkins that measure between 22-26 inches square are best. Your napkins can be a pattern design or a solid color. It is a good idea that your napkins contrast with your flatware and dinner plates. For example, if your dinner plate is a sage green use a bold eggplant colored napkin for visual contrast. Place your napkin between your charger and dinner plate for a layering effect or fold it and place it directly on your dinner plate.
  5. Flatware. Flatware sets the tone to your table setting. For a Thanksgiving dinner table, choose flatware that will compliment the look of your setting. Ask yourself if your setting is rustic, modern, traditional, or eclectic? That will determine what style flatware to use. For presentation purposes be sure your flatware are a matched set. I recommend using a four-piece place setting. This includes a dinner fork, dinner knife, teaspoon, and a salad fork. The salad fork can double as a dessert fork. Your flatware can be placed on top of the napkin or formally placed to the left and right of your charger.
  6. Table Runner. A table runners is a great way to draw your eye back to the center of the table by adding balance. Like mentioned in no. 1, your centerpiece creates the theme for the entire table. The perfect table runner always compliments the centerpiece. It also can add texture and a pop of color to a neutral table setting.  For a long rectangular table your runner should be the entire length of the table plus overhang approximately 6 inches on each side. For a square or round table you can place two table runners crossing in the middle for a dramatic presentation. 
  7. Glassware. Determine what beverages will be served during dinner. Ask yourself, are you serving chilled water, juice, cocktails, beer or wine?  It's always a good idea to have two types of glassware set out for each setting. Place a water glass and a wine glass to start. If you decide to serve additional drinks like coffee during dessert you can bring them out as needed, that way you don't crowd the table. 

With these few key items your table setting will look inviting and festive to your guests. Remember to enjoy the time with your family and friends during this holiday and be thankful for the little things that bring you joy. Happy Thanksgiving!

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