How to Decorate a Beach Themed Room

So summer is almost here! June 20th marks the first day of summer. If you're like me you look forward to putting your feet up, enjoying the warm weather, entertaining outdoors and taking occasional trips to the beach this time of year. Bring beach inspired ideas into your space to reflect a more relaxed, calm, and casual mood during this summer season. 

Decorate a beach themed room

Decorate a beach themed room

If you love the beach like I do and want to create a calm space inspired by the beach start with an inspiration piece. In this mood board the inspiration was the serene artwork. I pulled the entire color palette from the artwork and built a design for a living space.  

Beach themed mood board

Beach themed mood board

Paint. I selected a soft mint green color for the walls as a base. This color was pulled from the multiple tones in the sky illustrated in the artwork. 

Sofa. I selected a golden tan colored sofa from the colors of the sun kissed sand. 

Accent Chair. The armless chair adds a pop of color to this design. I pulled the teal color from the darker shades of the water. 

Chandelier. The shell chandelier adds a touch of sheen and elegance to this casual space. The sun settling down behind the clouds in the artwork was the inspiration to selecting this beautiful light fixture.

Accessories. The mixture of a sisal rug and contrasting accent pillows bring interest and texture. The accessories were inspired by the many natural elements found on the beach.

You can create your own unique beach themed space based on your inspiration. The key is not to go over the top "beachy", but to add elements that remind you of the beach. Finding your inspiration is half the battle, but once you've found it you are well on your way. 

Want your own mood board but have no idea where to start? Select my Inspiration Board and get customized paint color suggestions, furniture style ideas with fabric and finish suggestions to get you started on your way. Not ready to take on a design project? No problem, the Inspiration Board is meant just to give you ideas that reflect your style so when you are ready to begin your project you have a head start.

Share some of your favorite beach inspirations with me below in the comments! Can't wait to hear what you're inspired by.

Here's to a relaxing summer!