Sabine's Favorite Pins of Relaxing Patios

Summer is the season where everyone is a little more laid back, the kids are off from school, the weather is warm, people are enjoying vacations, the pool is open and the grill is fired up! It's a season that allows us to enjoy time outdoors (especially if you live in the northeast section of the States where we have cold winters). 

It's always nice to be able to extend your living spaces outdoors. As a designer, I always tell my clients that it's not about the square footage of your space but what you do with the square footage you have. You can have a large backyard but if it's not functional or aesthetically pleasing what's the point of having it. Your space should be BOTH functional and stylish according to your needs.

the perfect patio in my opinion

the perfect patio in my opinion

Some of my favorite patios are spaces that are personal, private, relaxing & comfortable. The perfect patio to me is an outdoor space that allows me to unwind on a comfortable chair with a glass of wine after a long day AND one that serves as entertaining space for dining and socializing with guests. So here are my top favorite Pins of relaxing patios this summer!

What I love about this patio are the string lights that are dripping from the tree branches. The setting is intimate with individual chairs yet festive enough to host an outdoor party.

This patio is simple yet stylish! The raw wood benches are accented by striped cushions and large chocolate pillows. The seating area is nicely anchored by a substantial size concrete table complimented by lanterns and a potted plant for greenery. 

This patio is a great example of a multi functional space. The swings steal the design for me! This is a fun idea for kids but can be enjoyed by adults as well. The space is broken up well into a seating area with sofas, swings and ottomans covered by draped fabric on a pergola. On the other side it also hosts a long dining table for a relaxing dinner party. How lovely!

This patio/backyard space is a unique approach to movie night. The soft, outdoor chaises under the string lights and lanterns make this space cozy and relaxing! Plus, how can you beat movie night outside!

The hammock creates the focal point for this small and intimate patio. The dark, modern fence give this patio much needed privacy in an urban setting.

This backyard has it all! The beautiful landscape is designed around the center pool. The pool is the focal point but the other areas in this patio add additional function. In case you aren't swimming in the pool you have the option of reading a book by the fireplace or having a bite to eat at the bistro table by the pool. 

This last patio truly feels like the extension of a living room. The window is highlighted as an architectural feature with the image of the panel draped to the side on the interior. The wicker and distressed wood furniture creates a warm and welcoming ambiance on a sunny day.

No matter if you have a small balcony outside your condo, a small block of pavement outside your row home in the city or a large yard over looking a private forest in the suburbs you can create a relaxing, private patio that works for YOUR needs.

Don't know where to start or how to create a relaxing patio space? Choose a votre chambre by GEORGETTE MARISE package and everything you need including a complete layout drawn to scale, a shopping list and key steps to create your own relaxing space outdoors. Hurry, before summer passes by!!!

For more relaxing patio ideas follow me on Pinterest! 

Here's to a relaxing summer!