How to Make Father's Day Special

With so many holidays and celebrations, we can often forget the true meaning of the occasion. Father's Day can sometimes be clustered with graduations and beginning of summer festivities. Dads need to be celebrated too!

I spoke to several dads last year about what their dream Man Caves would look like and the main responses were surprisingly very simplistic. Most dads just want to relax and feel appreciated. Sometimes this is hard for me to process because I often forget that the most precious things in life are priceless. This Father's Day instead of giving dad something he won't use or doesn't want, take the pressure off the actual holiday and give dad something he really wants. Here are some of my simple suggestions to making this Father's Day special.

Give the Gift of Relaxation. When home dads usually want to do one of two things: relax or work. Relaxing can mean being left alone in front of the TV in his favorite chair. Working can usually mean doing something to pass time, something of enjoyment or taking on a DIY challenge project. If Dad likes to relax, a great gift is to allow him to be comfortable and setting the tone for something he loves to do. If you don't have room in your home for a Man Cave then maybe create an area with a chair and ottoman or recliner for him with a small table for his drink of choice.

Give the Gift of Appreciation. I often forget the power of "Thank You". We tell our kids to say thank you when someone does something for them but as adults, we either don't say it enough or we don't say it genuinely. Dads play an important role in our children's lives. As a mother and wife with a busy schedule, I often question, "Does anyone appreciate what I do?". Dads can feel and question the SAME thing, therefore a simple Thank You or words of gratitude for what Dad does is more meaningful than any mug, tie, cologne money can buy. Again, don't go overboard with the words but be authentic and appreciative. 

I hope you are able to create an atmosphere for Dad that makes him feel appreciated! How are you going to make Father's Day special this year? Share your comments below.

À la prochaine,

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