Celebrate the New Year with these Sparkling Decorations

There are many options of how you can bring in the New Year, but my favorite way to celebrate is to gather with loved ones in a personal space. I love hosting people at my house with laughter, music, food and drinks. To make the gathering even more festive I love to dress up the house with glamorous decor to compliment my existing Christmas decorations. 

Here are some sparkling decorations to use for your New Year's Eve party!

New Years Decor

New Years Decor

Streamers. Hang black, white and silver streamers from the ceiling to create a cheerful, fun setting. Fill the room with floating balloons and hang the attached ribbons to have the same effect. 

2016 Decorated Bottles. To create the New Year party theme make your own decorations with 2016. Spray empty wine bottles in gold with sparkling, gold ribbon hanging from the top then glue gold painted 2-0-1-6 numbers to the individual bottles.

New Year Headband. Start the festivities as your guests enter your home by welcoming them with a sparkling Happy New Year headband. 

Wine Glasses & Serving Tray. Greet your guests with a cocktail served on a shiny tray to help them feel welcomed.

Disposable Dinnerware. Gracious Home - New York offers designer friendly, disposable dinnerware to add elegance to your party. Create a formal look without the work of doing dishes. 

Happy New Year Ornament. Compliment your existing Christmas ornaments with Happy New Year ornaments. Place them on your tree, garland, or party table for decoration. 

Countdown Tumbler Glasses. For a fun way to countdown the New Year, pass out champagne in glasses with removable numbers representing the last 10 seconds. 

As you welcome 2016, remember to reflect on the lessons from 2015 and be grateful for another year! I look forward to bringing you more inspiration through design in the New Year!

Happy New Year from our family to yours!


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