Create a Closet Makeover in the New Year

Happy New Year! The holidays are over and it’s time to think about new goals and projects you want to tackle for the year. A great personal project in your home to tackle at the beginning of the year is your closet. Closets are an essential part of a home. I want to spend time sharing particularly about the closets in our bedroom. They are the enclosed spaces where everything is stored, most importantly our clothes. Having a well designed and organized closet can create ease in our daily lives.

Closet makeover

Closet makeover

Know Your Closet Type. Depending on the type of closet that you have your design and organization may be different but the overall concept is the same.

  • Reach-In Closets. These closets are usually found in apartments and older homes. Reach-ins are versatile in design and can easily be tucked away in corner of a room with a single door or can take up a complete wall with sliding or pocket doors. They have a rod pole with a shelf above for additional storage. If customized or designed successfully these closets can offer maximum storage with minimum space.

  • Wardrobe or Armoires. These are probably the oldest form of closets and are still used today as additional forms of storage. Wardrobes can be found in lofts or modern homes as built-ins or large pieces of furniture. They usually have doors and drawers with rods and compartments inside including mirrors, hooks, and pull-outs.

  • Walk-In Closets. Walk-ins are a room within themselves. They are often considered luxurious and found in master suites. In order to not waste space, I recommend a proper closet system design, lighting fixture(s), and even a seating area (if possible). A successful walk-in closet in my opinion is one that blends with the overall decor of a master bedroom.

Organize Your Closet. Whether you have a reach-in, wardrobe or walk-in closet without organization your closet is just a space full of stuff everywhere. You should open the door(s) to your closet and know what you need and where to find it. Depending on your closet type, amount of clothing, and your budget you may want to consider purchasing or custom designing a full closet system. Even a small reach-in closet can benefit from a closet system with additional shelves and drawers. Tracey Evelyn, a wardrobe stylist expert recommends categorizing your closet. She says that by grouping all your blouses together, your skirts together and dresses together they make moving through your closet such a breeze. Tracey helps her clients organize their clothing in their closets to make getting dressed easy and quick through her personal Closet Edit service.

group your clothing

group your clothing

Decorate Your Closet. Just like any space the functional component is essential but so is the aesthetic. As I mentioned earlier, your closet should blend in with the overall decor of your bedroom. For example, if your bedroom is rustic with a neutral color palette be sure that look is carried into your closet. Also, don’t be afraid to accessorize with the space you have. Check out my post on Must Haves for Decorating your Closet for tips and inspiration.

Let’s start the new year fresh and organized! Share below what home projects you are hoping to tackle this year.

Bonne année ! Happy New Year!

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Gift Guide: Holiday Gifts for Her


The holidays are upon us and shopping for gifts can feel like another task. This season I created curated gift guides from Target! In this guide we’re starting with gifts for the special women in your life (your mom, wife, in-laws, sisters, aunts, bestie, co-workers, and don’t forget your kid’s teachers).

Curated gift guide from  target

Curated gift guide from target

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Sabine's Favorite Tablescapes for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

With Thanksgiving around the corner you’re probably going down the checklist and finishing your last minute shopping if you’re hosting. Thanksgiving is all about expressing gratitude while in the company of loved ones and delicious food. The center of Thanksgiving dinner is the table. Whether you gather around for a sit-down dinner or serve a buffet style dinner the table is always the focal point.

I love a beautiful tablescape. A successful tablescape in my opinion has multiple layers of interest, especially for Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving tablescape has more items on the table than an average table setting. Here are my top favorite Pins of tablescapes perfect for Thanksgiving.

What I love about this setting is the use of gold, bronze and copper. Those tones have a warmth about them, perfect for fall. The gold flatware is balanced by the simple white charger, dinner & salad plate then topped off with the copper wine glasses. The copper wine glasses are the showpieces in this tablescape!

This tablescape caught my eye because of the beautiful pops of color (of course) but also the use of texture. I love the woven table runner as a base with the groupings of both velvet & real pumpkins in different colors accented by the mercury glass candle votives. However, what stood out to me immediately were the medium sized succulent/floral centerpieces in a black container! I loved the use of 3 centerpieces since they were fairly low and medium in size.

Unlike the previous tablescape pin, the use of a large floral centerpiece in this tablescape caught my eye. I love a large centerpiece in this setting because all the other elements (like the natural table, white are subtle). The amber glass urn as the container is both elegant and classic for a fall look.

This tablescape is a perfect example of how to use a table runner on a round table. In this tablescape the runner is used to divide the table in half, forcing 2 place settings to be at a slight angle instead of a 90 degree angle. Also, I love the light blush color palette, which is unusually for fall but it works well. I am a big fan of white pumpkins, so this setting has my love. This is beautiful for a smaller, intimate Thanksgiving dinner.

I find this tablescape unique. It’s both rustic and elegant. I love the lush, rich colors of the floral arrangement accented by the bold magnolia leaves running down the table. The alternating dinnerware creates a diverse setting but still coordinates with the overall style of the tablescape. For example, one place setting has a charcoal charger with an off-white/speckled plate while another place setting has an off-white charger with a charcoal plate next to an off-white charger with a gold-trim white plate setting. What brings these different settings together is the color palette, the common plum napkins with gold rings and the common glassware.

I hope your tablescape is a gathering location that envokes great conversation and laughter over a shared meal. Don’t be overwhelmed with what you need to create a beautiful table, use what you do have and allow everything else to fall into place.

For help creating a quick tablescape design using items you already have, schedule a phone consultation with me before Thanksgiving.

For more of my tablescape favorites follow my board on Pinterest. Happy Thanksgiving!

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How Gratitude Helps you Live in your Best Space

I love this time of the season. Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday. I have so many memories of my time with my mother in the kitchen making turkey for our family and not eating all day just in anticipation for all the delicious food that will be at the dinner table. One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is reflecting on what I am grateful for, something that I believe we all should do everyday.

Being grateful for our homes and those that we share it with can really help put life in perspective. Reflecting and having gratitude for where we live draws inspiration. Remember that gratitude is a mind shift. Gratitude for our homes allows us to:

  • love the features that make our homes uniquely ours (like sentimental furnishings or accessories that we’ve collected in our travels)

  • be better hosts to our guests

  • not dwell on what we don’t have but what we are blessed to have

Gratitude Goes a Long Way

Gratitude Goes a Long Way

My favorite part of being an interior designer is walking into people’s homes and hearing how they use their space, or I should say how they would like to use their space after it’s designed. It gives me an inside glimpse of their lives and their interactions with their family. They share things they love about their home like the overall layout or floor plan of the house, the cozy fireplace in the living room or the private outdoor space. Often times they share memories they’ve had as a family in these spaces. I find this inspirational and valuable as a designer because each client has their own qualities that they love.

Though there will always be room for improvement when it comes to our homes, I believe that it’s always a good idea to pause and look around our homes. You will be surprised at the memories you remember and the inspiration this can bring. No matter whether your home is a 1-bedroom condo in a high rise, a loft in the city, a single-family home in the suburbs or a mansion on an estate, having a home that reflects who you are is a blessing which should not be taken for granted.

It would be a joy to hear about what you are grateful in your homes. Please share in the comments below. I can start…

I am grateful to be able to share my home with my husband and 2 kids. Our home is a safe place where we laugh, cry, play, work, entertain, meditate, and rest together as a family.

Your turn…

À la prochaine,

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Bring Fall Looks and Scents Into your Home

Though the seasons this year have taken an unusual twist, by that I mean it feels as though we went from summer straight to winter, I still want to celebrate and enjoy the fall season. Fall is suppose to be the beautiful transition from the hot summer day to the cold wintery nights. I love watching the leaves turn into rich earth tone colors before they gently drop to the ground.


As the seasons change so do we. From our wardrobe to our home decor we add multiple layers and textures mixed with dark color tones during this transition of seasons. The great thing is you can add fall looks and scents in small ways that can make a big impact.

Add Layers. A well designed space has layers. This can be as simple as adding a soft throw to the arm of your sofa or switching out your spring and summer pillows with a grouping of fall colored pillows. In your dining area try adding a runner to your table for texture and definition or new bedding for your relaxing bedroom. Tracey Evelyn, stylist expert and owner of Tracey Evelyn recommends the following fabrics and textures on trend this fall: leather, chenille, burlap, knit, tweed and faux fur.


Add Fall Scents. This tip hits home for me. Why? Because I enjoy beautiful scents, especially when they are subtle and natural. Anyone that knows me, knows I love candles. Actually, I would say I’m obsessed with candles! This past September I had the great joy of experiencing making my own candle with some friends at a new BYOB eco-friendly candle making studio called Wax + Wine in Philadelphia. During my time there I had the chance to chat with Co-Founder, Jordan Beletz about what scents add to a space in the fall season.

Sabine: In a brief sentence, explain what is Wax + Wine?

Jordan: Wax + Wine is a BYOB candle making experience.


Sabine: I'm a big believer that scents affect how people feel in a space. In your opinion, what are some benefits to adding aromatics to a space?

Jordan: It sets a mood and becomes a piece of interior. Similar to how fresh flowers always make a statement, a candle scent evokes memories and conversation. It adds another dimension to a space. It adds emotion to something beautiful.

Sabine: What is it about the scent of pumpkins that resonates with people in the fall?

Jordan: It brings back memories. From pumpkin picking with their family when they were children, it’s a sign of a season changing. Summer is over and winter is near, and there is no better season then fall. Plus everyone loves pumpkins.

Sabine: From your collection of scents at Wax + Wine, what are your favorite scents for the fall season and why?

Jordan: I love the basics. Hazelnut Coffee, Pumpkin Chai, and Fresh Coffee. I love their strong scents, every time I light them it makes any room feel warmer, and they just smell delicious~


Sabine: What makes a quality candle?

Jordan: A high grade, quality wax and top grade fragrance oil and the proper ratio. Candle making is a science, and we are always trying to improve our recipe.

Personally, my favorite fall look and scent this season are soft throws with my bayberry cypress candle. Share in the comments below what your favorite look or scent is this season. I look forward to reading what your favorites are.

À la prochaine,

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5 Ways to Personalize your New Construction Home

A new construction home has a polished look and feel to it when you are touring around the newly drywalled rooms for the first time. Everything is brand-new, clean and fresh like a blank canvas. Often times, unless you are working on a custom built, new construction homes are in a development, community or street with other similar models. Though the exterior core of your new construction may have to look similar to your neighbors, the details and the design of the interior can be unique to you.


1. Paint or Upgrade your Front Door. As guests walk up to your house your front door is the first impression they have of your home. It should be welcoming, inviting…overall it should reflect YOU! Unfortunately, most new construction homes have standard fiberglass exterior doors in neutral colors. If your development allows, I suggest painting or changing your front door to a color and style that not only elevates your curb appeal and compliments the architecture of the house but also brings out your personality.

upgrade your front door. this single fiberglass door was changed to a custom wrought iron double door for a grand welcome.

upgrade your front door. this single fiberglass door was changed to a custom wrought iron double door for a grand welcome.

2. Upgrade your Fixtures. Unless you are building a custom home where you can specify all the fixtures and finishes, I suggest upgrading your builder grade fixtures (such as your light fixtures, door hardware, etc.) to your personal style. This can be overwhelming but doesn’t have to be done all at once. My advice is to focus on one room at a time, this will make each room feel complete.

upgrade your fixtures. designed by sharina liverman

upgrade your fixtures. designed by sharina liverman

3. Add Architectural Features. Architectural features such as fireplaces, molding, ceiling finishes, wall applications can all take your simple blank canvas and transform it to your personal oasis. The key is to know what features to add and where.

add architectural features.

add architectural features.

4. Paint your Walls. Painting your walls is the least expensive way to transform a new construction home. If you are purchasing your home while it is under construction some builders are willing to paint using your specified colors instead of the standard flat off-white or beige throughout. This will allow you to move into a freshly painted house that you don’t have to worry about.

5. Add Wallpaper. Add texture, pattern, color, and design to your space by incorporating a wallpaper that compliments the overall decor of your home. Wallpaper is a great way to add your personal style to your new construction. Depending on your design you can use it on an accent wall, in the hallway, on the ceiling, or in a small room. The possibilities are endless.

Do you live in a new construction home? What are some personal changes you made or would like to make to your blank canvas? Share in the comments below!

À la prochaine,

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Fall Colors to Enhance your Home

The change of seasons always brings new color palettes, textures and designs. I love the fall season because it adds a sense of warmth and comfort to our homes.


It’s time to add some fall accents and one way of doing that is with incorporating fall colors into your overall color palette. The beauty of creating a color palette is the versatility it has. Here are some of my favorite colors this fall.


Plum Brown has a dramatic depth to it. Use this rich eggplant color on your walls with white trim work or wainscoting in a dining room, powder room or bedroom. This color pairs well with Rookwood Amber for a beautiful contrast.

Rookwood Amber is a great warm color to add to your palette this fall. It’s an earth tone color that can be incorporated in a pillow design, window treatments, plants (like mums), artwork or even a fall tabletop accessory (like a pumpkin).

Forestwood brings the fall outdoor colors indoors. This color is inspired by colors found in nature. This deep, rich green is a perfect choice to use in your pillow decor, accent throw or fall bedding.

Santorini Blue can be considered an unexpected fall color tone but this teal base color contrasts beautifully with Rookwood Amber and Plum Brown. It’s the perfect color to add chic and style to a space.

What I love most about these colors for fall are the rich tones in each color. Whether you decide to use these colors together in a palette or separately as an accent to your existing colors they are sure to enhance the overall decor of your home.

What are some colors you are using in your home this fall and what do you love about them? Share in the comments below.

À la prochaine,

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No. 1 Least-Expensive Way to Dramatically Change your Room

Have you ever looked at your room and wished you could change the look of it but got overwhelmed at the thought of how much a project like that would cost? What if I told you that, if done correctly, you don’t have to buy any furnishings to have a new looking room!


Change your wall color, change your room.

Your walls, floors and ceiling are the base of your room. Everything else in your space (like your light fixtures, furniture, artwork, and accessories) work off of the base. If you change the appearance of the base you can make a dramatic change in the overall decor of your room. For example, think of a living room with white walls and dark furniture. The lightness of the walls creates a neutral base for the rest of the room. This allows the dark furnishings to contrast and stand out in the room. Now think of the same room with sage green walls and dark furniture, the darkness of the furniture has the potential to make the room look smaller or more intimate (depending on how you look at it). It’s the same room with the same furniture, but the color of the walls change the look and feel complete.

Living Room Makeover: This client wanted to create an intimate space with layers of color.

Living Room Makeover: This client wanted to create an intimate space with layers of color.

The color of your walls has the power to:

  • neutralize your room

  • change the “mood” of your room

  • draw attention to focal points and specific features such as architectural elements (built-ins, fireplaces, moldings, etc)

Living Room Makeover: darker wall colors were chosen to contrast with the existing neutral sofa.

Living Room Makeover: darker wall colors were chosen to contrast with the existing neutral sofa.

Changing the color of your walls is much more cost-effective than purchasing all new furniture and accessories. It can give new life to existing pieces that were once non-relevant.


Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Be sure to create a color palette for your room. This can be done by pulling colors from your existing furnishings and artwork you may want to keep.

  • Select the right paint finish for the application. For example, if you are painting your kitchen or bathroom use a satin or eggshell paint finish. To highlight your trimwork and molding details I would recommend using a semi-gloss finish.

  • I recommend hiring a professional painter for quality and accuracy.

Selecting a color palette and determining which paint color to use can be overwhelming and stressful. Avoid picking out the wrong paint color by using our color expertise. Our Paint Suggestions will make picking out a new wall color simple and easy. Let’s get painting>>CLICK HERE.

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Why This Artwork is an Inspiration This Mother's Day

Art is an important element to designing a room. A lot of times, art or wall decor are placed on the walls to "fill in" a blank space. The truth is art should be personal and unique, especially if it's in your home. It should draw an emotional response while complimenting the overall style of your room. 


This past Mother's Day I was reminded of my mother from an artwork I have hung in my staircase landing. It's a print of Picasso's Mother-Child sketch. My late mother, Suzanne Marise, was not an art collector but she owned this beautiful print and hung it in her room. It wasn't until I was collecting her things I noticed it was a Picasso print from 1904. I knew I had to add this to my home in memory of her. I decided to give it a facelift by adding a custom mat and frame. 

P.Picasso Mother-Child print 1904

P.Picasso Mother-Child print 1904

"The truth is art should be personal and unique, especially if it's in your home." -S.Hayes

This Artwork Is Personal To Me.

Every time I see this Mother-Child sketch I can't help but be reminded of the bond between my mother and me. It's a way of having a little piece of her. Now that I'm a mother myself I understand the precious bond a mother has with her child, it's like no other relationship.

The Layers of the Sketch Remind Me Motherhood Is A Process.

As I look at Picasso's sketch of this mother nursing her child, I notice his multiple sketches of the mother's hand. I love to see the raw sketches of the hand included in the print. It shows the multiple drafts he had to sketch before developing a hand he was proud of. This process Picasso took is similar to the journey of motherhood. As mothers, we make mistakes, try our best but are not perfect. Motherhood is a journey of trial and error driven by love.  

This Artwork Blends With Many Pieces. 

In addition to the sentimental value this artwork has to me, I love the neutral tones and simplicity of the sketch. When selecting a mat and frame I decided to use a monochromatic palette by using a darker tone for the mat and a medium tone for the distressed wood frame. The neutral tones give me the versatility to use this piece on a gallery wall with a collage of other pieces or as a focal point by itself. 

Picasso 1904

Picasso 1904

No matter what pieces of artwork you use in your home, I hope that this inspires you to get personal with your wall decor. Be sure when you are selecting your artwork to consider the room you are placing it in and how it coordinates with your color palette and decor style. Share in the comments below your favorite artwork in your home and why. I'd love to hear all about it!  

To all the Mothers and Grandmothers I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

À la prochaine,

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Looking to create a color palette from your artwork? Check out: Using Art to Create a Color Palette.

How to Decorate your Bookcase

how to decorate your bookcase

how to decorate your bookcase

Over the years I've often been asked by people how to decorate bookcases. My answer is never the same. The reason is because every bookcase is different. You may be a bookworm and have an entire library of books or maybe you're someone who is looking to use your bookcase for additional storage or lastly maybe you're someone who mainly wants to use your bookcase to display your accessories/collectables, etc. Before you can start decorating your bookcase you need to figure out your bookcase's function. Asking yourself these questions is a great start.

  • What do I want to use my bookcase for? (e.i. store books, display pictures, showcase collectibles, storage, accents, etc.)
  • Do I need my bookcase to be functional or stylish or both?

I recently worked with a client to redesign her custom built-in bookcases surrounding her fireplace in the living room. To best explain how you can decorate your bookcase I'm going to walk you through my process as I gave my client's bookcase function and style. 


Dilemma: My clients are 2 busy working professionals with a toddler. They had a carpenter build a bookcase around their fireplace to create a focal point. However, as time passed their bookcase shortly became a collection of shelves that weren't serving a purpose but instead became extra surface space for items they wanted to keep out of reach from their toddler. 

Solution: My client's vision was to have their built-in bookcase and fireplace wall serve as the focal point of their living room. The bookcase had to be safe enough for their toddler yet stylish enough to compliment their living decor. To achieve this I started with adding function to the bottom shelves by incorporating large fabric bins for their toddler's small toys. For the 2 middle shelves I added medium picture frames with smaller frames layered in front for visual interest. I also added hardcover books (from large to small) on the end for easy access. I added the family initial for personalization with a small foliage for an organic feel. The heavy stone bookends placed on the middle shelves added both style and function to the design. 


Client's Reaction: "I like the diversity in the items that are on the bookcase. From the B initial to the candles to the arranged books to the basket, which makes it conveniant to hide things, it feels like the living room is complete now."

To elevate your bookcase into an area that will compliment your decor and lifestyle email me at to schedule a simple home visit. 

À la prochaine,

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5 Natural Ways to Clean your Furniture this Spring

Natural Furniture cleaning solutions

Natural Furniture cleaning solutions

Spring is HERE! Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it's the perfect balance between winter and summer. Spring cleaning is a great time to open our windows that have been closed for the last couple of months and bring fresh air into our homes. Cleaning your furniture doesn't have to mean using bottles of toxic cleaners filled with harmful chemicals  and heavy scents. With just a few household ingredients and tricks you can safely and effectively have a fresh, clean home.

Vacuum. Vacuuming should be done often to remove soils, dust, and airborne particles from carpets and rugs. Soft surfaces like our carpets, area rugs, upholstery, cushions and fabric drapery work as a filter that traps and captures airborne particles. The problem is these surfaces don't have a way of releasing these particles once captured, they must be removed physically. Vacuuming is an effective way to removing these particles and it eliminates allergens that are not visible. Tip: Remember to also vacuum your upholstered sofas and chairs. Not only does vacuuming clean the surface but increases the longevity of the fabric.  


Dust Hard Surfaces With Microfiber. Microfiber clothes are my favorite and highly recommended products for cleaning your furniture. When used dry, microfiber clothes are excellent because of their ability to capture, trap, and hold dust particles from hard surfaces like wood, metal, glass, leather, stone, etc. My favorite microfiber clothes are Norwex's EnviroCloth because of it's antibacterial agent. It can be used wet to clean and disinfect or dry to remove dust. 


Use the Power of Vinegar. Distilled white vinegar is an effective cleaner because of its high acidity. It can be used to destroy bacteria and remove stains and odors. Here's just a few cleaning powers vinegar has.

  • cleans glass surfaces
  • cleans indoor wrought iron furniture
  • removes grease stains from suede furniture
  • vinegar, lemon juice and linseed oil can be used to clean sealed wood furniture

Polish With Lemon. Lemons can be used for multiple cleaning solutions. They also offer a fresh scent when cleaning. Most furniture polishes leave an unpleasant, heavy, oily finish on hard surfaces such as wood. Instead you can use a few drops of lemon juice mixed with olive oil to polish varnished wood furniture. After polishing, if you have a residue you can remove excess polish naturally with cornstarch. 


Clean With Baking Soda. Baking soda is always handy to have around the house for several reasons but pertaining to cleaning your furniture here's a few.

  • Sprinkle baking soda on your fabric then vacuum to remove odors from your upholstery furniture.
  • Wipe down your leather sofa with a mixture of a cup of salt water with two tablespoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of flour in a bowl to clean your leather furniture. Don't forget to dry with a a dry cloth.
  • To clean your copper accents buff your copper with a baking soda & lemon juice paste (mix baking soda with enough lemon juice to make a paste).
  • To deodorize your rugs sprinkle baking soda on your rugs and let stand for at least 15 minutes then vacuum.

Before trying a new cleaning solution always test a small area first. Share in the comments below your favorite natural cleaning solutions.

À la prochaine,

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7 Tips to Create a Romantic Bedroom

The overall decor of your home is a reflection of you as the owner. This is especially true when it comes to your own bedroom. Outside of the bathroom, our bedroom is the most personal room in our home. For those that share this space with a significant other, it's even more personal. How do you create a bedroom that is relaxing enough to let your hair down yet intimate enough to set a romantic ambiance? 

Tips to create a romantic bedroom

Tips to create a romantic bedroom

Clean Up. This may seem obvious, but often times our bedrooms become the victims of neglected laundry. Whether you decide to hire a cleaning person or do it yourself, straightening up and organizing is the first step to creating a romantic bedroom. It's amazing how a little cleaning can open up and transform a space. 

master bedroom

master bedroom

Soft Flooring. When you are trying to create a romantic setting, soft textures are important. If you have hardwood floors add a large area rug either at the foot of the bed (large enough so your feet touch the rug when you get out of bed) or wall to wall carpet. This will bring a warmth and sense of comfort to your room setting.

custom window treatment

custom window treatment

Install Window Treatments. Add another layer of texture to your room with window treatments. Depending on the style of your room, you can keep your treatments simple and modern or traditional and ornate. In addition to the aesthetics of window treatments, they also can be extremely functional. For example, if you the both of you love to wake up to the morning sunlight it might be a good idea to have sheer panels to allow the natural light to filter through. However, if the both of you prefer to wake up to darkness, then blackout shades or panels would be a better solution. Determine what is the best option functionally, then choose the material and finish to compliment the style of the room.

Lighting Is Key. As a designer, I believe the right lighting is one of the most important aspects to a room. In order to create a romantic bedroom, the lighting has to be warm. If you have a ceiling light fixture like a chandelier or pendant I recommend having it controlled on a dimmer. A dimmer in the bedroom will give you the ability to control the setting of the ambiance. In addition to any ceiling light you may have I recommend adding table lamps and/or wall sconces. This will add a form of task and accent lighting to your space. 

A Pillow or Two. Pillows are a great accent and can easily dress up a bed. However, too many pillows can be overwhelming to creating a romantic setting. I recommend keeping 2-3 shams (the larger pillows) with 2 soft accent pillows on your bed. The accent pillows should have a soft texture blend but should not be the same. Allow the pillows to be unique and different for visual interest. 

Flowers. Flowers bring freshness and beauty to the decor of a space. If you are allergic to fresh flowers consider a small silk arrangement to place on your nightstand or dresser. This will bring an organic feel to your room. One small - medium arrangement is usually enough. 



Candles. As a candle lover, I believe in candles everywhere but especially in your bedroom. Add candle votives as part of your room accessories. Mercury glass candle votives, for example, are beautiful finishing touches to your nightstand and dresser decor and also offer a stunning glow when lit. Candles are a great way to create a romantic setting in your room. 

It's the small accents that can elevate a space. For more ideas of how to elevate your bedroom decor contact me at 

À la prochaine,

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Sabine's Favorite Pins of NFL Players' Homes

Favorite Pins of NFL players' homes

Favorite Pins of NFL players' homes

Even if you're not a football fan or even follow the sport, you know that Sunday is one of the biggest games of the year...Super Bowl Sunday!!! This year my Boston Native team The New England Patriots will be playing my husband's Philadelphia Native team The Philadelphia Eagles. For many of these football players, this is the most important game of their career, they worked hard all season and sacrificed time away from their homes and families to get here. Having a home that reflects their personality is extremely important to them. 

" can be a lot sometimes, and sometimes it’s just nice to go home and be chill and be away from everything.” -Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

If we look at their homes, we can learn a lot about these athletes. We can see if they like to entertain, cook, read, watch movies, play music, drive luxury cars, or spend time outdoors for example.  Although, their interests off the field may be different the one thing their homes have in common is they call it home.  Their homes are a place they can relax and unwind after a challenging or victorious season. Join me as I go through some of these athletes' homes that stood out to me. 

I love the architecture of this house. The white finished exterior offers a fresh, clean look while contrasting well with the black framed windows and railings. The curb appeal is beautiful and gives an inviting feel. 

The kitchen is usually the hub of the home. I love this open floor plan, eclectic kitchen because of its energy. The lower ceiling height in the kitchen area, is a great way of making the kitchen feel intimate. The exotic grains in the hardwood floors give a warmth to the space. The stainless steel island is balanced well with the modern, slightly distressed leather barstools. Overall this kitchen is a beautiful space for entertaining guests or enjoying solo.

This grand living room takes advantage of its tall ceilings. I love how the beautiful picture windows create a stunning backdrop as you enter the room. The custom, neutral colored window treatments drape the center windows elegantly. This room uses subtle tones but feels very welcoming. I also love the use of light furniture & wall color balanced by a dark area rug and built-ins. 

"We built this house as a sanctuary for our family—a place where we can enjoy being together.” -Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Although this rustic kitchen is large in size, it has a casual and organic approach to its design. The island serves as the kitchen's anchor and is beautifully accented by 3 clear glass bell jar lantern pendants hung from a brick ceiling. The slightly distressed grayish-brown cabinets are topped with elegant white stone countertops to give a clean look. Overall, I love the simplicity and unique design choices in this open kitchen. 

My favorite part of this room is the view, of course. This room is a sophisticated approach to a game space. The pool table looks like a piece of furniture, centered in the space, while an accent square game table with 3 upholstered chairs are placed in the corner of the room near the calming view of the water. 

Our homes are ultimately where we recharge, re-energize, and rest. Just like these football athletes, we have a chance to be ourselves when we enter our homes. As hectic or lonely as our homes are it's still home...and there's nothing like it. 

Share in the comments below, what's the best part about being home?

For more of my favorite NFL players' homes follow me on Pinterest.

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New Year Design Resolutions

Happy New Year! The New Year always brings fresh ideas, an urge for change, and new needs. Most of us make resolutions in January to change or improve on an area in our lives. I am a believer that our homes affect the way we live. Similar to our lives, our homes are always in need of improvement. Whether you need a complete renovation or just bored with your sofa, making changes and improvements to our homes AKA the place we spend the majority of our time is important.



Make Small Improvements. 

The thought of fixing our homes to our standards can get overwhelmingly discouraging. We feel that we need thousands of dollars to renovate (which is the case at times) but sometimes we can start with doing cosmetic changes and start small. Here are some examples of small improvements that can make a big impact.

  • painting the walls and/or doors
  • adding accent pillows to the sofa
  • draping a new accent throw to your chair
  • adding artwork to your walls
  • create a gallery wall
  • incorporate an area rug under your dining table
  • changing your bedding
  • adding new drapery to your windows
  • upgrading a new ceiling light fixture
  • changing the hardware in your kitchen or bathroom (such as faucets, cabinet knobs/pulls, etc.)
add accent pillows to your sofa

add accent pillows to your sofa

Budget for the Big Projects.

If you have a "big" project that is on your wish list like a new kitchen, building an addition, a bathroom renovation, or a bedroom remodel start budgeting early. While you are saving for your project, start developing your style by flipping through magazines, pinning on Pinterest, or assembling boards on Houzz. Once you've collected your style ideas have a personal Inspiration Board created for you with furnishings, lighting, flooring, color, and finish options. This will help you to envision the design concept for your project. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 3.46.50 PM.png

What's your New Year design resolution? This year are you planning to make small improvements OR budget for a big project? Be sure to share your resolutions in the comments. 

À la prochaine,

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Holiday Series: New Year's Eve Dinner Party Hosting Advice from The Pastelillo Lady

I can't believe that the holidays came and past and we are approaching the New Year. I hope that you and your family had a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, and/or Kwanzaa. With the holidays behind us it's time to celebrate the welcoming of the New Year! 


As I wrap up my Holiday Series, I had the chance to sit down over some coffee and chat with Liz Morgan, better known as The Pastelillo Lady. She is an expert when it comes to entertaining and loves to serve delicious dishes to her guests.

Liz Morgan, owner of The Pastilillo Lady

Liz Morgan, owner of The Pastilillo Lady

"Growing up in a Puerto Rican household, eating pastelillos was a treat," she explained. It wasn't until after college while living in her first apartment she asked her mom for her pastelillo recipe. She practiced and mastered making pastelillos. Eventually, people started asking her to make pastelillos for them, then it grew to people asking her to make pastelillo for their events. That was the beginning of The Pastilillo Lady.

If you are not familiar with pastelillos, Liz explains them as Puerto Rican empanadas but the reason they're different is the ingredients. She says she adds olives, onions, peppers, and blend of vegetables with a "secret sauce", then simmers the meat to add to a thick dough which is then pinched and fried. 

The pasteilillo lady

The pasteilillo lady

As she prepares to host her own party for the holidays, she says the look of a dinner party is essential to a successful party, everything from the food setup, music, and good wine & spirits of course. 

Photo by  Joseph Gonzalez  on  Unsplash

There is a specific menu she likes to stick to when throwing a dinner party but she says her favorite dish is pernil, which is a popular Puerto Rican pork dish roasted for 12 hours resulting in tender meat and a crispy skin. 

The Benefit of Having a Party Catered. 

There's a lot of components to hosting a successful party. Confirming your guest count, prepping your home, decorating your home, selecting an outfit, having the right music, and the list goes on. With a long to-do list sometimes preparing a full menu can be exhausting. So I asked Liz, who caters events, what the benefit is to have a party catered. Liz mentioned that although she enjoys cooking she thinks it's important to enjoy your party. When hosting you don't get a chance to sit down and enjoy the food, have a drink and be stress-free. She says the benefit of having your party catered is it gives you the chance to enjoy your company, instead of being in the kitchen. When she caters to her clients she preps, serves and provides as necessary dinnerware. 

Buffet Style or Sit Down

Liz explained that if you're hosting more than 10 people the intimacy of a sit-down dinner is lost and suggests to do a buffet-style. "When I think of dinner parties, you have a table and you have to be able to seat everyone at the table if you can't have everyone sit down at the table do a buffet-style," she told me.

Liz's Top Tips For Serving a Menu For a Large Group?

"Always overcook and purchase to-go containers." Guests are usually happy to take food home. "It's never too much of a good thing. Your guests get to go home and remember their experience through the food," Liz mentions. She also mentions having a variety of food is important because not everyone has the same taste.

"Invest in a server," she says. "If you're not going to have a caterer, invest in a server." She says it doesn't have to cost a lot. It allows you to enjoy the party and your guests. Some of the tasks your server can provide are refilling drinks, serving your guests, cleaning up, and taking out the trash. 

To contact Liz email her at or follow her Instagram Page @the_pastelillo_lady for pictures of her yummy pastelillos!

As I write my last blog for 2017, I want to personally thank you for taking the time and reading my posts. Wishing you the best in 2018!

Bonne Année!

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Holiday Series: Last Minute Dinner Party Decor Ideas

Dinner parties are great moments shared with friends and family over food and drinks. However, before your guests taste your delicious food and drinks it's the decor and ambiance that sets the tone to your party. This is especially key with the holidays. 

Last minute holiday decorating.png

When you're hosting a dinner party, the decor extends past the dining table. It starts from the front door then to the sofa and even extends to the powder room. With the holidays a few days away, I've selected a few simple yet stylish accessories that will set a festive tone before your guests arrive. Some of them you may already have, if not I've attached the links below to purchase directly.

Simple Holiday Decor Ideas. 

Simple Holiday Decor Ideas. 

Wreath. Set the tone with a wreath. This season I am in love with the Winter Berry Wreath. Nothing gives a warm greeting like a wreath hung on your front door as guests enter.

Ornaments. Ornaments can be used beyond your tree. Switch out your coffee table centerpiece or foyer console centerpiece for a bowl filled with ornaments. This will add a festive accent as guests are coming in. If you have little ones you may want to get shatterproof ornaments. 

Layers of Candles. As many of you know I am a candle lover, especially when decorating for a party. Use a series of gold, silver or mercury candle votives on your foyer table, coffee table, kitchen island, and in your powder room for an intimate ambiance. Then use pillar candles on your dining table or tall candlesticks on your dining table if you are having a smaller sit-down dinner. For larger parties, add the pillar candles near the buffet and around the sitting areas.

Festive Accent Pillows. Extend the holiday decor to your living areas by adding accent pillows to your existing sofa and chairs. Remember to mix your pillow sizes, this adds visual interest. For example, if you have a large 20" square pillow add a smaller, square pillow in front of it and a shimmering rectangular kidney pillow in the middle. To shop the gold & ivory sequence pillow click here.

Table Runner. Whether you are using your dining table for an intimate dinner for 6-10 or as a serving surface for the menu of delicious dishes adding a textured or patterned table runner can create the base for your focal point. Click here to purchase the table runner above. 

Tray. A dinner party is the time to dust show off your best serving tray. I love this round, gold tray above because it is the perfect base to hold wine glasses as guests arrive. It can turn a set of simple clear glasses into a festive collection. 

Florals. Add a vase with fresh cut flowers and place on your table runner with your candles. This will add a fresh and organic layer to your decor. I choose a grouping of hydrangeas in a glass vase but you can also re-pot poinsettias as a table centerpiece.

Before you go and purchase last minute decorations, first go through what you already have. The great thing is these items are easy to find last minute and will elevate your party. Please share photos from your parties on our Facebook page. 

Joyeux Noël!

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Holiday Series: Dinner Party Interview with Food Bloggers Miranda & Kate

Welcome to my Holiday Series, where I am sharing tips for hosting impressive dinner parties. I'm excited to introduce you to Miranda & Kate, the creators of the food & lifestyle blog A Party With Us. I had the chance to attend one of their events in Philadelphia this year at Williams-Sonoma. These ladies create delicious recipes and cocktails that they share on their blog. I wanted to take the opportunity to ask them to share their tips and suggestions for hosting dinner parties this holiday season. 

Creators of A Party With Us

Creators of A Party With Us

Sabine: Tell us about yourselves.

Kate: Hi! We're Kate & Miranda the bloggers behind A Party With Us (APWU). Miranda and I are sister-in-laws and best friends. We love to entertain - prepping, primping and partying is our forte. From the planning to the decor, to the recipes, we love to put it all together and dazzle our friends and family. Our blog features our very own recipes and designs.

Sabine: As hostess experts, what are some ways someone hosting can greet their guests once they arrive to the dinner party? 

Miranda: Definitely with a beverage and it doesn't necessarily have to be alcoholic, but offering your guests water, tea, coffee, or a specialty cocktail you have planned right away is always a nice touch. When confirming plans with my guests leading up to the event, I ask what they like to drink - wine, liquor, beer, etc., then I plan accordingly to match their tastes with my menu. While you're at it, ask about allergies and strong adversities to any foods they may have. #hostesshacks

Kate: Upon arrival, we also like to share the menu plan with our guests (to get them super excited about it, haha!), and, if you're serving meat (like a filet, burger, etc.), ask your guests at what temperature they prefer it be prepared. 

Sabine: Sometimes creating a guest list can be hard to edit. How do you determine how many guests to invite? What is a good number of guests or is it based on the size of the home?

Kate: Guest lists can be stressful - so first think about the atmosphere you're trying to create and what you're celebrating. Do you want an intimate setting, a lively gathering or a really festive event? Miranda and I have entertained groups as large as 100 people to just 4 people in our homes, and around the holidays we always say 'the more the merrier' but that changes our menu selections drastically! 

Miranda: You need to consider how much your kitchen can handle (literally think about your refrigerator, oven and stove space!) and how many people you can seat comfortably. If you're hosting a festive cocktail party, you can invite more guests because you do not need a seat for everyone, but if you're inviting a group over for formal dinner, you should probably have a place setting and comfortable and inclusive seating for everyone. Meaning, you don't want your party to feel disjointed with some people sitting in the living room and others in the dining room for a formal dinner. Stick to the number you can fit at your table for a dinner party.

Sabine: Buffet Style, Family Style or Sit Down Style? What's your preference? 

Miranda: Again, this depends on the atmosphere we're going for. I love a sit-down dinner where I can plate and serve courses at the right temperature and time, as I truly enjoy creating a culinary experience for my guests, but if it's New Year's Eve and everyone has a drink in their hand, then I want to be in the center of that socializing with everyone and allow people to graze on appetizers from a buffet setting as they please! 

"...there is no science to entertaining, it's an art!" - Kate Brewer

Sabine: If someone is hosting a large dinner party at their home, what's the best way to set up the food and a proper layout where guests feel comfortable?

Miranda: For a large sit-down dinner party, we would have beverages and appetizers ready to be served when guests arrive - typically on serving trays in a casual seating/gathering area and away from the main dining table so we could migrate there for dinner. The dining table should be pre-set before your guests arrive so you're not distracted by that while entertaining. Anything that can be prepped ahead of time for dinner should be - you'll thank yourself later! 

Kate: You want to create a nice pace between appetizers, dinner courses, and dessert. The most important thing is: if you're comfortable and relaxed, your guests will be too... there is no science to entertaining, it's an art! If you look stressed, your guests might feel awkward. Prep and primp as much as possible ahead of time so you too can enjoy the party!  

Sabine: From your blog what are some of your favorite recipes to serve as appetizers and desserts? 

Kate: I love our Whipped Goat Cheese Crostini and the Bacon Dusted Scallops - they are both serious crowd pleasers. 

Miranda: Hands-down our original Shortbread Brie Brûlée with Cranberry Compote is the best dessert on the blog at the moment. It's to-die-for and we served it at Thanksgiving this year! 

Shortbread Brie Brûlée with Cranberry Compote - A Party with Us

Shortbread Brie Brûlée with Cranberry Compote - A Party with Us

Sabine: I see that you share some delicious cocktails on your blog as well. What are some easy cocktail and food pairings that someone can serve at their next dinner party?

Miranda: While we love to match our cocktails with food, people's palates vary so greatly among our family and friends. Generally speaking, we like our flavors to compliment one another. Don't opt for all sweet cocktails and apps or all spicy cocktails and apps. For instance, we would serve a refreshing Pineapple Cucumber Martini or our G-Squared Margarita with our Mango-Jalapeno Crab Salad OR a Berry Bourbon Smash with our Mushroom Pinwheels or Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs with Honey Drizzle. Right now our Pumpkin Spice Martini is sounding perfect for dessert, ha! You can follow us @apartywithus to keep up with the recipes we'll be posting this season!

To try any of the recipes and beverages from Miranda & Kate visit their blog A Party with Us and follow them on Instagram

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Holiday Series: Dinner Party Advice from Local Experts

I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Now that the holidays are approaching the dinner gathering is not over. It has just begun! I wanted to take the month of December and share a series about hosting dinner parties! I personally love hosting dinner parties inside and outside the home. I believe that hosting a dinner party is another way to connect with others to create lasting memories.

Holiday Series.png

When you are hosting a dinner party there are many components that go into the final outcome. During my Holiday Series blog posts, I will introduce you to different experts, from food bloggers to event planners that will share their expertise, tips, and ideas to help you create an impressive party! 

There's a level of comfort when you sit down with others and share a meal. It brings laughter, cheers, and great conversation in a festive setting. Whether you are having a group of friends over or sitting down with extended family members for dinner the overall setting is important. I am starting off the series by sharing some questions that you should ask yourself before planning.

What is the Purpose? This may be a basic and strange question but I believe that knowing the purpose behind throwing your party will eliminate some stress and pressure. Is it to share your love and appreciation for your closest friends? Is it to show off your cooking skills to your family members? Is it to have a fun holiday dinner with your girlfriends? Or it may be to say thank you to your staff for their hard work all year. Determining the purpose will dictate the formality, agenda, and planning of your party.

What's the Budget?  Yes, the "B" word. Just like starting a design project, before planning your dinner party you have to first decide how much you want to spend. This will determine decisions like, if you hire a caterer vs. preparing the food yourself, hosting at home vs. renting an event space or inviting 20 guests vs. inviting 10 guests. Once you determine your budget then you can start planning the scale of party you can host.

Who Are You Inviting? Hosting a dinner party for the holidays can mean a large or small guest list. This goes back to your purpose. If you just want to throw an intimate dinner with loved ones then creating a guest list of your closest friends and family members is a great place to start. 

kaboompics_People holding glasses of white wine making a toast.jpg

There are a lot more questions you can ask yourself before planning but I know you will find answers from my Holiday Series' Interviews. I hope you enjoy the series and please share pictures of your beautiful dinner parties on my facebook page

Stay connected to my blog for the upcoming interviews!!!

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P.S. Is there a question you have regarding dinner parties that you would like answered? Send me over an email at and I'll make sure it's answered in the series.

How To Finish a Room Like a Designer

Designing a space is all about telling a story. The biggest difference between a standard room and a stunning room are placement and details. Ever wonder how designers are able to transform a plain room with furniture into an inviting space that you don’t want to leave? Find out their secrets by using these 3 steps.

Sabine Guillaume Hayes, Interior Designer

Sabine Guillaume Hayes, Interior Designer

Remember the Purpose. The first step to finishing a room properly is remembering why you are designing and decorating it in the first place. Is it to add more room? Repurposing an unused basement into a family room? Adding more coziness to your living room? Adding personality to your powder room? Interior Designers always start a project with finding out the purpose and use of a space. Once they have a purpose it becomes the vision that dictates the end result. If you are finishing a master bedroom room, ask yourself how you want to feel when you're in the space. If you want to feel relaxed and calm then it may be a good idea to finish your bed with plush pillows, add a large area rug under your bed or place a scented candle on your dresser for aromatherapy.  These details will be determined by your use of the space.


Placement Matters. Since every space is unique in its own form, placement of your furniture and even accessories make a difference. For example, if you are hanging wall art in the hallway be sure it's large enough or use a grouping to fit well in the amount of wall space available. When placing accessories use odd number groupings, like 3 or 5 for visual interest. 

"Be original and your home will speak for itself." -Brett Schwebke

Beauty in the Details. Details can elevate the design in a space instantly. Something as simple as draping a throw on a chair and adding an accent pillow can dress up a standard piece of furniture. You should make sure you have a reason for every detail you add. Be careful not to over accessorize because instead of looking like finishing touches your accents will look like afterthoughts or even worst...accidents. 


If you want some more designer secrets be sure to check out my FREE Designer Tip Sheet available to all subscribers. Not subsrcibed? Fill the your information below. Share photos of your finishing touches with me on my Facebook page! Can't wait to see your beautiful spaces!

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Spice Up Your Dining Room with These Easy Changes

With today's lifestyle and open layout floor plans, the kitchen has become the main space everyone gravitates to. This can leave the dining room feeling unused, uninviting, cold, or "the room only used twice a year". This doesn't have to be the case. Even if you have an eat-in kitchen or a morning room, the dining room can serve a purpose of its own. The dining room can be a multifunctional space for everyday dining, more formal dining (like dinner parties) or both! Having a casual and formal dining room that feels inviting can be achievable. 

Maybe you already use your dining room on a daily basis for casual dining or maybe you host formal dinners but the decor is outdated or unattractive, with just a few changes it can become a functional AND stylish room that reflects your household's personality. 

spice up your dining room

spice up your dining room

"Every room needs a slap in the face!" -Geoffrey Ross

Update your Light Fixture. A light fixture can make or break your dining room. Your light fixture in your dining room not only provides a source of light but as an anchor to the room. Having an outdated light fixture or no light fixture at all takes away from the overall design of your dining room. If you want to elevate your dining room add a stylish and functional chandelier or pendant based on the scale of the room and your table. For inside decorating secrets, like how high to hang a chandelier, sign up to receive my Designer Tip Sheet

Dining room by my good friend and interior designer Sharina Liverman.

Dining room by my good friend and interior designer Sharina Liverman.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint. I always say that paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to redesign a space. Be sure to select a color from your room's color palette, this will allow the remaining colors to flow throughout the design. If you are overwhelmed with choosing the perfect color for your dining room, click here for paint color assistance.

Add or Change your Area Rug. I get asked a lot whether you should add an area rug in a dining room. My answer 99% of the time is yes. If your light fixture is the anchor to your dining room, your area rug is what supports the anchor. It allows the table, which should be the focal point, to shine. Whether you have a small room, a large room or an open space that serves as your dining area I suggest using a durable area rug that can easily be spot cleaned and hide stains. When it comes to dining rooms, I prefer to use a low pile rug or even an indoor/outdoor rug for upkeep. Be sure both your table AND chairs sit on your area rug. Your rug size should not be too small that the chairs are off the rug when pulled out, but it should not be too large that your buffet, server and china cabinet are sitting on your rug. 

Dining room designed by my good friend and interior designer Sharina Liverman.

Dining room designed by my good friend and interior designer Sharina Liverman.

Add a Centerpiece. This part can be tricky for many. Your centerpiece should reflect the style of the room. The style of the room should reflect your personality. For example, if you're style is more structured and simple a set of accessories would be a great centerpiece for you. However, if you are very detailed and more formal an arrangement of florals in a traditional glass vase might be a better option. Here are some ideas for centerpieces

  • fresh or silk floral arrangments
  • a set of 3 potted plants
  • large decorative bowls
  • a set of candlesticks or holders
  • a sculpture
  • complimentary vases at different heights
  • a large tray with a collection of flowers, candles, and vases 

Sometimes finding the perfect centerpiece for your dining room can be impossible. Let me take away that stress and design the perfect centerpiece that will compliment the decor of your dining room. Contact me at 610.924.2780 to get started on your custom made centerpiece.

Swap Out Your Chairs. Your dining room should be inviting, functional but most importantly unique. You deserve to have a dining room that is like no one else's. An easy way to create a unique look is to change your dining room chairs. If you are worried about not having a matching set, you may want to consider reupholstering your seat cushions in a custom pattern fabric or just changing your end, armchairs with 2 fabric upholstery chairs (if you have a rectangular table). If you want a more eclectic look, have your chairs contrast with your table. For example, if you have a distressed wooden table consider adding metal chairs. If you have a metal dining table, consider fabric or wooden chairs. Be sure to work with a professional designer for chair selections, since this can be tricky to perfect. 

centerpiece arranged and made by Sabine Hayes.

centerpiece arranged and made by Sabine Hayes.

Entertain your guests for dinner parties or even game night parties in your NEW, redesigned dining room! Share your ideas in the comments below of ways you're going to spice up your dining room this season.

À la prochaine,

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