How to Make Father's Day Special

With so many holidays and celebrations, we can often forget the true meaning of the occasion. Father's Day can sometimes be clustered with graduations and beginning of summer festivities. Dads need to be celebrated too!

I spoke to several dads last year about what their dream Man Caves would look like and the main responses were surprisingly very simplistic. Most dads just want to relax and feel appreciated. Sometimes this is hard for me to process because I often forget that the most precious things in life are priceless. This Father's Day instead of giving dad something he won't use or doesn't want, take the pressure off the actual holiday and give dad something he really wants. Here are some of my simple suggestions to making this Father's Day special.

Give the Gift of Relaxation. When home dads usually want to do one of two things: relax or work. Relaxing can mean being left alone in front of the TV in his favorite chair. Working can usually mean doing something to pass time, something of enjoyment or taking on a DIY challenge project. If Dad likes to relax, a great gift is to allow him to be comfortable and setting the tone for something he loves to do. If you don't have room in your home for a Man Cave then maybe create an area with a chair and ottoman or recliner for him with a small table for his drink of choice.

Give the Gift of Appreciation. I often forget the power of "Thank You". We tell our kids to say thank you when someone does something for them but as adults, we either don't say it enough or we don't say it genuinely. Dads play an important role in our children's lives. As a mother and wife with a busy schedule, I often question, "Does anyone appreciate what I do?". Dads can feel and question the SAME thing, therefore a simple Thank You or words of gratitude for what Dad does is more meaningful than any mug, tie, cologne money can buy. Again, don't go overboard with the words but be authentic and appreciative. 

I hope you are able to create an atmosphere for Dad that makes him feel appreciated! How are you going to make Father's Day special this year? Share your comments below.

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Q & A: Creating a Gallery Wall with Quality Photos

Your home is all about telling YOUR story throughout. The style of your front door, the placement of your furniture, the colors on your walls, the fabric draped on your windows, the photos and artwork displayed on your walls, the style of your lighting fixtures, and the flow from one room to another all make your home unique to you. 

When someone walks into your home the one thing that differentiates your home from anyone else's are your portraits and family photos. Photos make a home personal. A gallery wall allows you to easily display all the special images important to you like your family pictures, precious moments/trips, or beautiful portraits. This can be done with as little as 2-3 framed pictures to 15-20 images grouped together. The number of frames depends on your wall size and how many images you want to display. 

I took this opportunity to ask portrait photographer, Kirsten White of Kirsten White Photography to share her expertise of using quality portraits can tell YOUR story.  

Sabine: How long have you been a photographer?

Kirsten White, Owner & Photographer of Kirsten White Photography

Kirsten White, Owner & Photographer of Kirsten White Photography

Kirsten: I've been a professional photographer for 7 years. Prior to that, I always "played photographer" for my friends and family since around middle school. I studied any book I could find on cameras, light, and photography. I spent my free time replicating photos in fashion magazines. About 10 years ago, I had a short stint doing makeup as a side hustle and liked to promote my makeovers with before and after photos. Soon, women were calling me more for the photos than the makeup and I really loved doing the mini photo shoots. I started getting more and more elaborate with my "after" sessions with lights and wardrobe. Lol! That's when I decided to go focus on photography. 

Sabine: What type of photography do you specialize in?

Kirsten: I specialize in photographing women. I love helping women to celebrate their beauty and express themselves with portraits. There's a hashtag that I love to participate with - #ExistInPhotos. That movement is important because so many times women simply don't exist in family photos or on the walls at home because she's either taking the photos or she's hung up on some aspect of her appearance and fears she doesn't look good. I think we're all guilty of hiding from a bad hair day or wanting to avoid pictures until we lose a few pounds. Sometimes, however, this avoidance goes on for years! I like to have a meaningful consultation with my clients and find out where they are regarding self-image and draw out strengths and ideal experiences. With that information, I can design a dream photo shoot showcasing the woman looking and feeling her best! I also really enjoy doing headshots and branding images for women and their businesses. It's so important to have fantastic images to make a great online first impression! 

"A great portrait is timeless and captures the uniqueness and beauty of the moment." - Kirsten White

Sabine: Why are portraits so important?

Kirsten: Portraits are important because they last forever. One thing we can never replace is time. A great portrait is timeless and captures the uniqueness and beauty of the moment. As a mother, I absolutely cherish my photos of my children. They grow up so quickly and I love looking at each portrait and candid photo and reminiscing about them at the age in the image. As a daughter, whose mother is deceased, the photographs I have of and with my mother are easily my most precious possessions! Same with my grandmother. I'm so glad I insisted on doing a generational photo session with me, my daughter, my mom, and my grandmother several years ago. My grandmother passed away about a year later and I lost my mom 2 1/2 years ago. Every time I look at our portrait, I remember how much fun we had together that day!

Sabine: What's the key to quality photos?

Kirsten: The key to quality photos is to relax and enjoy the moment. It's all about the sparkle in the eyes. Whether you're smiling or not, a strong connection in the eyes can take a portrait from good to great!

Sabine: What's your advice to creating a story through a gallery wall?

Kirsten: The best thing about a gallery wall, to me, is the story being told through the pictures. When I photograph a client, I'm actually shooting with this in mind. I like to do flow posing where each pose seems to naturally flow into the next. In a gallery grouping, it almost looks like she's dancing or moving right in front of you. You can also make a great gallery wall with lifestyle portraits so when displayed in a chronological grouping, it tells the story of the day. 

Gallery wall and Interior Design by Georgette Marise Interiors.

Gallery wall and Interior Design by Georgette Marise Interiors.

Sabine: Can someone combine portraits, family pictures and scenery photos all on one wall?

Kirsten: Yes! You can absolutely combine portraits, casual family pictures, and scenic photos on one wall. I like to see this especially in homes where each family member gets their own row. The rows are separated with a row of family pictures, and the wall is anchored with the scenic photos that provide cohesion by showing what they like to do together or where they like to visit/vacation as a family. 

Sabine: What's the key to selecting the right frame? Do you recommend a mat inside the frame?

Kirsten: Framing is very important to galleries and to portraits in general. To me, it's like the finishing touch that elevates the art. I always prefer mats inside frames. It just adds a beautiful high-end touch, in my opinion. With frames, I like them to be the same color and texture, even if they aren't all the same size or shape. My mother had a more eclectic approach and liked walls with different frame colors, shapes, sizes, and sometimes different materials. She looked for the frame that she felt best complimented the photograph. It's all about personal preference and what makes you happy. The big takeaway is to print your photos and do so through a professional lab (easily done through your photographer). All photo paper is not the same and while you may save a little money at the time, you don't want your precious photographs fading from the sunlight or over time. You also don't want to "just get the digitals" to save money because in most cases you'll never get around to having the photos printed. There are millions of photos trapped indefinitely on CDs or thumb drives! In my packages, I include the digital file for each portrait that's purchased. That way, I know my client is getting the best in both quality products and service. 

Want to schedule a photo shoot with Kirsten? Book online here or email Kirsten at  Comment below and share with us on Facebook your gallery walls! 

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Turning your New House into your New Home

As someone who has moved a lot over the years, I can understand the emotional transition and countless decisions that come with moving into a new home. How do you make your new place of living feel like its your home?

"A house is just a shell composed of multiple spaces, but it's NOT a home until it has your personality reflected throughout its entirety." -S. Hayes 

Define Each Room. Decide what the function of each room in your new home will be. Whether you are downsizing or upgrading, your new home is different than your old home so you will have to make adjustments. For example, if you are going to work from home and need dedicated work space maybe you want to turn the formal living room into your home office. The key is to start with your needs and everything will fall into place. Once you've defined the room, place your boxes (that were hopefully labeled by room) in their designated rooms. Moving isn’t easy, but if you unpack a few boxes every day you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This home office, designed by Sabine, was originally a formal living room.  

This home office, designed by Sabine, was originally a formal living room.  

Find What Fits. If you are downsizing into a smaller home you will be donating, selling or throwing away a lot of your things you had in your larger home. However, if you are upgrading determine the things that are on the “must keep list”. After you have defined the function of your rooms/areas, decide what furniture and accessories are appropriate for the spaces. For example, you might've had a sectional in your last living room but now your current room is shaped differently, what do you do? If the sectional configuration cannot fit in the space you may have to replace it with a sofa and 2 chairs, or 2 sofas, instead. This is where your designer comes in to assist with a furniture layout. 

Furniture Layout

Furniture Layout

Finish One Room. Accessorizing is one of the most important elements to designing and decorating a room. I personally have moved to 4 states, 6 cities in 18 years, and from my experience, there’s nothing more comforting than having a few completed rooms in your new home. Even if you are still in transition or getting settled. Be sure to take one room that’s important to you, add your large essential pieces then be sure to personalize the space by adding accessories. Design Tip: To reduce the amount of echo from the walls focus on adding artwork to the walls.

What has your moving experience been? Did you find it easy to transition into your new home? I want to know, so please share your thoughts in the comments below. If you are stressed with trying to create a home in your new house contact me TODAY at to get started on your new chapter. 

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Gift Guide: Design Picks for Mother's Day

"Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with fears you didn't know existed." -Linda Wooten

mother's day gift guide

Mother's Day is only once a year but mothers should be appreciated every day for the important jobs they do. Being a mother has been one of the hardest but most rewarding roles I've been blessed with. When I think of my role model or who I aspire to be, I immediately think of my late mother Suzanne Marise and my late grandmother Georgette. I am truly grateful for their love and strength they had, which allowed me to become the woman, wife, mother and designer I am today. 

"No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a mother's love." -Edwin Hubbell Chapin

Let's lift up our amazing mothers, grandmothers, aunts and/or any motherly figure in our lives by showing our appreciation. Gifts are a great way to show that we care and think of our amazing moms or mom figures. This year I hand-picked some stylish-curated gifts for our everyday, busy moms. Click on the links below to order before Mother's Day and don't foeget to leave mom a special note!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1. Crate & Barrel Vintage Tea Kettle 2. Amara Uzes Tuberose Candle 3. Amara Hangit Photo Display 4. West Elm Brass Word Object-Cheers 5. Amara Pearl Tumblers 6.

For more on my story, ready my bio. Drop me a note in the comment of your favorite mother's day gift.

Bonne Fête des Mères! (french. Happy Mother's Day!)


How to Create a Comfortable & Stylish Family Room Around Your TV

Technology has dramatically changed the way we live in our homes. Every room in our home has a smart TV, laptop, and/or tablet. This is the age, in which we live in. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but you have to ask yourselves if the design of your home has updated to your modernized lifestyle?

Outside of the kitchen, the family room/living room, for smaller homes, is the most congregated space in your home. Why? Well, because that's usually where the TV is. Whether you are streaming your favorite show, hosting a watch party, or put a program on for your kids to watch, the television is part of your life and therefore an essential piece of your home. 

Although the TV is part of your life it doesn't have to be the center attention of your space. Let me explain. The design of the TV is essentially a black box. Thanks to modern design, screens are now flat, thin in depth, and have the ability to mount on a wall. But how do you incorporate a black box  into a room of stylish, casual furniture with decorative accessories? Answer: by carefully blending your needs (functions) + your wants (style).

Create a Focal Point. Though the main function of your family room is the TV, it shouldn't be the focal point. For example, if the first thing you see when you walk into your room are the floor to ceiling windows over looking your beautiful yard, the windows should be your focal point. Depending on the layout of your space, consider placing the TV on a short wall or the next largest wall.  



Create a Distraction. You want to make sure the TV is viewable from all angles, so make sure your seating arrangement allows for that. However, to avoid making the TV an eye soar you may want to consider framing it (if the TV is mounted to the wall). Framing your TV will create the visual appearance of wall decor when the screen is off. If your TV is not mounted consider using a furniture TV console to sit beneath. Using a TV console that looks like quality furniture will make your TV feel included with the rest of your furniture and accessories.

Accessorize. After you've created a focal point and have a distraction, the next step is to accessorize. Accessorizing is an important step to finishing a successful room. Think of this: How exciting would a room be if you just had a sofa and a TV hung on the wall? Not interesting...right? Even a successful man cave needs accessories. If your TV is mounted to the wall, line up framed pictures or wall art to the left and right of your screen. Tip: Make sure all the gaps between the frames are the same distance. If your TV is on a console add wall decor above or on both sides of the screen. This will give your room a balanced and collected look. 

In the comments below share with me where your TV is located (mounted to the wall, framed and above the fireplace, on a console, etc). 

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How Fresh Flowers Can Add a Special POP to your Decor



I am so excited spring is finally here and the weather has been consistent. The best part of spring, in my opinion, are the new flowers blooming, bright colors and a sense of freshness. After being confined indoors from winter, spring allows us to enjoy the outdoors and even bring the outdoors in. Flowers are a great way to add an organic, outdoor element indoors. What I love and enjoy about flowers are the various ways they bring life to a completed space. 

As many of you know, I love almost anything Parisian. That is probably something I got from my late grandmother Georgette (hence the name). My family is from the Caribbean and one of the languages I grew up around was French. I have not made it to France yet, but it is on my list! I say that to say, I bumped into this adorable Parisian floral and garden boutique in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia. I later found out that this cute floral shop Petit Jardin en Ville, is owned by a husband and wife couple. When I stopped in the store I felt very relaxed and at peace because of my surroundings. The vintage garden decor, with the gray painted brick wall, pails of fresh and colorful flower stems, accompanied with a knowledgeable and friendly store associate made me feel comfortable and inspired to find my own new flower. This experience has inspired me to write about the MANY ways fresh flowers can add a special POP to your home decor. 

Adds Color. The beautiful thing about flowers is there are thousands of types that can be mixed and matched to coordinate with your room decor. Even if the design of your space is neutral, a bright floral arrangement can add that je ne sais quoi or that element of surprise.

Instagram: @petitjardinenville

Instagram: @petitjardinenville

Adds Height. The secret to arranging accessories is to work in odd numbers. Floral arrangements are a great way to add height to a flat tabletop surface, such as a dining table, kitchen island or a desk. Floral arrangements can vary in height both tall and low. Be sure to choose one that is to scale with your overall design. For example, a low arrangement is perfect for a centerpiece on a dining table during a dinner party. This allows guests to comfortably conversate with one another. 

Adds Freshness. Even the most beautiful room can feel stale. Fresh flowers have a way of bringing a fresh, fragrance and life to a space. 

Spring Floral Centerpiece with fresh cut limes designed by Georgette Marise Interiors.

Spring Floral Centerpiece with fresh cut limes designed by Georgette Marise Interiors.

Once you've found your perfect selection of fresh cut flowers and add them to your completed space, Mimi Verde, owner and florist of VERDE' EVENTS, says there are key things you can do to extend the longevity of your beautiful arrangement. 

  • Remove all dead foliage from your stems.
  • Change your water daily to retain freshness.
  • Use flower food to help the flowers last longer.
  • Cut the stems at an angle daily. 

All flowers are different so Mimi suggests that if you have hydrangeas, keep them away from sunlight. For roses, she suggests using a capful of Coca-Cola in the water. Most floral arrangements should last 7-10 days if maintained properly. To contact VERDE' EVENTS call Mimi at 267.928.5034. 

Comment below to share your favorite flowers. 

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Refresh Your Space With These Spring & Summer Paint Colors

Spring is finally here and it's time to refresh, spruce up, and brighten up your palette! If you are scratching your head around one particular room and don't know how to give it a little change, try upgrading the paint color on the walls and ceiling. 

Sometimes all your room needs is a redesign of the space. Painting is the fastest and most cost effective way to makeover a room without changing the furniture. It has the power to change the tone and mood of your space. Selecting the RIGHT paint color for your room is the biggest challenge my clients have. If you are looking to refresh your room try one of these colors this spring and summer to create an inviting space that you and your guests will enjoy.

My top Paint Color Picks for this Spring and Summer. 

My top Paint Color Picks for this Spring and Summer. 

If you would like to freshen the look of your room this spring but don't know what color would work best for your space, I recommend starting with my online Color Suggestions service to save you time, energy and headache. CLICK HERE.

Comment below with your favorite Spring/Summer paint color choices. Can't wait to see them!

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3 Pieces of Furniture that Should be in Every Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. Though it’s not a public room in the home where everyone is invited, it is a private room for resting, relaxing, and “me” time. Whether you are decorating a master bedroom, a guest bedroom, or a kid’s bedroom these are 3 pieces of furniture you definitely need to have.

Bed Frame. The bed is the most important piece to a bedroom, it is also the largest piece. After all, if there’s no bed then it’s not a bedroom, right. It is usually placed on the longest or largest wall. It is considered the showcase piece that defines the rest of the room. The wall that the bed is placed is the focal point wall that you see when you walk into the room. There are several styles to choose from, sleigh bed, 4 poster bed, panel bed, bunk bed, upholstered bed, and the list goes on. Choose the style of your bed carefully because it has to be both functional and stylish.

painting the bed frame wall an accent color created the focal point to this master bedroom.

painting the bed frame wall an accent color created the focal point to this master bedroom.

Chest of Drawers. Storage, Storage, Storage. Every room needs it. A chest is a great piece to add in any bedroom because of it functionality. It also is a great way to add height to your room. Don’t forget to accessorize it by putting artwork or wall decor above it .

Depending on the size of your bedroom, you maybe able to fit both a tall chest of drawers and a wide dresser. Be sure to talk to an interior designer to assist you in deciding which, if not both, will be appropriate for your bedroom.

In this master bedroom, I used the chest of drawers/dresser and an accent chair to create a functional sitting area.

In this master bedroom, I used the chest of drawers/dresser and an accent chair to create a functional sitting area.

Accent Chair. This is often the forgotten piece of furniture in a room because most people go straight to the bed for seating in a bedroom. The bed is for resting, and the accent chair serves as a great place to cozy up and read a book before going to bed, reading the paper with a cup of coffee in the morning before starting the day, or maybe feeding your newborn in the nursery . 

Creating a sitting corner is an important element to a bedroom because not only does it allow you to add another texture or color to the room, but it serves as another area in the room to relax, take your shoes off, and to unwind. Contact me at today to create your bedroom retreat.

Here's to gorgeous bedrooms!


No. 1 Reason Why You Should Invest in Your Powder Room

Powder Room...It may be one of the smallest rooms in your home but it's one of the few rooms that get the most attention. Think about it, when guests come to your home there is usually a large percent chance they will ask to use the restroom. Therefore, make sure you are investing in the design of your powder room. 

I used a grass cloth wallpaper in half of the space to add texture. I switched the pedestal sink for a vanity sink with a raised bowl for a spa experience.

I used a grass cloth wallpaper in half of the space to add texture. I switched the pedestal sink for a vanity sink with a raised bowl for a spa experience.

No. 1 Reason - Guests always use the powder room.

The powder room isn't for you, it's for your guests. Even if it's the size of a tiny closet, it cannot be forgotten or an afterthought. The design & decor of your powder room should be the cherry on top! This is the room that you really want your guests to say "WOW"! Take a chance and be daring in your powder design. 

If your home tells a story, your powder room has to be part of the story. It needs to reflect the overall style of your home. If you have a new construction home with builder grade or contractor grade finishes you may want to consider upgrading all the finishes at one time or one by one. When it comes to designing a small space like a powder room the smallest detail matters, from the flooring choice to the mirror style to even the sink and door hardware choices. 

"The importance is in the details." -Russ Cooper

If your powder room is not inviting, aesthetically pleasing, or outdated it may be time to think about upgrading the design. Are you overwhelmed with the thought of selecting from the hundreds and thousands of options? Where do you start--- I'm here to help you. Let's work hand in hand to create a powder room that is not only functional but will impress your guests. Let's include you powder room into the story of your home. LET'S START!

Here's to gorgeous powder rooms!




Create Your Dream Space in the New Year.

The start of a new year brings new beginnings, goals, and new tasks to accomplish. One of the top to-do tasks on the new year's list is usually completing a renovation project in the home. I am a big advocate that your home should reflect your personality, therefore I encourage you to define qualities you would like to create in your dream space.

"Your home doesn't need to look like anyone else's but your own."

What is most important to you in your home? Decide what is important to you in order to determine the functions for each space in your home. Once you have a function defined, this will provide the purpose. Having a purpose is the beginning phase to creating a plan. 

How do you want to feel in your home? Having a plan allows you or your interior designer to create a layout that will be the base to your design. Once the layout is finalized it's important to know how you want to feel in your space. Colors, lighting, texture, placement, and finish options are all choices that affect how you feel in your space. Your choices have to be chosen strategically.  

What personal or meaningful touches do you want in your home? The difference between a house and a home is personalization. A house is just the shell, whereas a home is the soul. Your home should showcase your style, your personality, your hobbies, your loved ones and your prized possessions. Someone should be able to walk into your home and know who you are. 

follow the steps to achieving your dream space

follow the steps to achieving your dream space

Are you excited about creating your dream space yet? Stay connected to Georgette Marise to find out helpful do's and don'ts for starting a renovation project from our own expert contractors. Share with me ideas for your dream space in the comments below.

Here's to creating dream spaces!


5 Reasons How Paint Can Transform a Room

Painting your walls can change your space for the best or the worst. I love to walk into a space and feel comfortable, excited, happy, relaxed, or even surprised! The reason why I can have those feelings when I walk into a space is because something as simple as a wall color can play a large role in designing a successful room. One of the largest structures in a room are the walls and painting them the right color can MAKE or BREAK the design of your room. 

Have you ever chosen a wall color then paint your walls, place all the furnishings back into the room and feel like you're in a different room? That's because color is one of the most important elements in interior design. I decided to focus on 5 reasons paint can transform your room to a new level visually.

"Choosing the right color, finish, or pattern for your room is key to transforming your space."

1. Creates a Backdrop. Since walls are one of the largest structures in your room, painting them will make a dramatic difference in how your room looks. Design Tip: If prefer to not have the walls the focus of your room then I suggest painting them a neutral color or even white. This will create a backdrop for your key pieces (e.i. artwork, pillows, accent furnishings) to shine. White walls are always a great option if you prefer a fresh, clean look.

2. Adds Pattern and Texture. If you like the idea of adding a focal wall or want to highlight a surface like the floors, ceilings or a column then using a faux finish or special technique with paint can allow you to create a custom pattern or texture that no one else will have. Be sure you consult with your interior designer and paint specialist first. 

A professional faux finisher created a leather-look pattern with paint.

A professional faux finisher created a leather-look pattern with paint.

3. Adds Contrast. A successful room design includes visual interest. Nothing adds more visual interest than contrast. Even if you have a monochromatic color palette, add contrast by using a darker wall color than your floor surface. This will add a layer of interest to the design of your room.

We gave this master bedroom a slight contrast by painting a darker hue on the focal wall.

We gave this master bedroom a slight contrast by painting a darker hue on the focal wall.

4. Adds Color. Color has the power to affect your emotions. It's a good idea to take some time and determine how you want to feel in your room. Warm colors can make a space feel cozy, exciting, playful, and energized. Whereas, cool colors can make a space feel relaxing, soothing, and peaceful.

5. Freshens a Room. A fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to liven or freshen your room. New painted walls have a clean and bright layer of finish to them that will add a new look to your room.

If you are frustrated trying to choose a paint color for your room or don't know what will look great with your existing design, this is your time to get your PAINT CONSULTATION for a flat rate! This will save you TIME & HEADACHE. I will choose the right paint color and finish for your walls that will have your guests impressed with your NEW room! Plus your painter will be excited that you finally made a decision! GET STARTED BY CLICKING>>>HERE.

Here's to beautiful colored walls!


P.S. Not located in the Tri State area? No worries, Paint Color Suggestions is an online service offered at a flat rate per room. 

3 Bar Cart Accessories for your New Year's Eve Party

The countdown for the New Year is quickly approaching! If you are hosting a few friends and family, a bar cart can be the star of the night. A bar cart can be mobile or in a permanent location used as a serving station. With arranging these few accessories you can elevate the appearance of your bar cart just in time for your New Year's Eve guests! 

Ice Bucket. If you have specific liquors you are using to make cocktails place 2-4 bottles on your cart first. This will add height and allow you to built around them. If you have certain liquors that need to remain cold place them in an ice bucket. An ice bucket can be decorative just as it is functional.

Shaker. Show off your bartending or mixology skills by using a shaker for some of your New Year's drinks. Place your shaker near your liquor bottles and next to any additional ingredients you are using like mint leaves, limes, etc. This should be on the top shelf since you will need it on hand to mix.

Add stylish and functional accessories to your bar cart. 

Add stylish and functional accessories to your bar cart. 

Glasses. You can't have a functional bar cart without glasses. Display and store a group of different glasses based on the drinks you are serving. For example, you can start with wine glasses then also include pairs of tumblers or martini glasses if you are serving cocktails. I always like placing my glasses in rows for a clean and professional display. 

Be sure to share pictures of your bar carts on Twitter or Instagram and use #styleANDfunctionNYE. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram at @georgettemarise

I hope that 2016 has been a blessing in many ways and wish you nothing but the best in 2017. Thank you for reading my posts, I hope that I was able to ignite an inspiration for your spaces with tips and ideas to your dilemmas. If you would like personal design solutions email me directly at

Happy New Year and here's to 2017!





Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts

Christmas is around the corner!!! Sometimes the thought of buying your loved ones, friends, and coworkers gifts can be daunting and frustrating. With just a few days left to shop, here are some last minute gift ideas that your creative loved ones will be sure to enjoy!

Great gift options in time for the holidays! To access the product info CLICK ON this link. 

Great gift options in time for the holidays! To access the product info CLICK ON this link

I hope that you have a great holiday and share this time with those who mean the most to you. Joyeux Noël!


Decorating with Christmas Ornaments

Can you believe Christmas is less than a week away? Between decorating the Christmas tree or decorating for holiday guests there's not too much time left. The Christmas tree sets the tone and becomes the focal point for your holiday decor. As with most decor, accessories are key to a successful design - even with Christmas decor. If you're like me you love to use pieces that are multifunctional, stylish and kid-friendly of course. Ornaments are great holiday accessories that are versatile, decorative and festive! 

Christmas Tree Accessory. Ornaments serve as accessories for the Christmas tree by adding color and texture. If you prefer a theme, pick ornaments that are similar in color or use sets that form a complimenting color palette. If you have little ones like I do, you may want to avoid glass, metal, or small ornaments. Instead, purchase plastic (shatterproof) ornaments that are large enough that your little one won't put it in their mouth. If you are using an eclectic decor have your little one create their own ornaments using wooden cutouts or felt fabric.  

soft glitter SNOWFLAKE  ornaments make a great "shatterproof" options if you have little ones.

soft glitter SNOWFLAKE  ornaments make a great "shatterproof" options if you have little ones.

Tabletop Centerpiece. Ornaments can make a beautiful tabletop centerpiece by simply putting them in a clear bowl or cylinder vase. To create a uniform look, I suggest using the same ornaments in each container. 

Gift Toppers. In addition to decorating your tree and table setting, ornaments can also be used to accessorize your wrapped gifts. Adding a small ornament is an extra touch that will surprise the recipient. Be sure to use the appropriate size ornament for your gift package. 

ornaments make great gift toppers!

ornaments make great gift toppers!

Share some of your favorite ornaments on our comments below. 

Here's to a Merry Christmas!


5 Ways to Decorate a Buffet Style Thanksgiving Dinner

If your Thanksgiving is anything like mine, it's a large family gathering around lots of delicious food, drinks, laughs and football of course. Thanksgiving is one of the few times a year my entire family on the northeast coast gets together. Therefore sitting around a standard dining table is almost impossible. In order to accomodate the entire family, we usually have a buffet style dinner. 

Buffet style doesn't have to be impersonal or boring. Have fun with it and be festive. 

Having a flow of stations will create transition to your dinner.

Having a flow of stations will create transition to your dinner.

1. Have A Flow of Stations. Allow your guests to choose what they want and to mingle freely. Group all the similar dishes together on one table. For example, it is a good idea to group your starches like pasta, rice or potatoes together. Since the turkey is the star of the evening consider having a separate station for it such as a small server or extra table. 

2. Add a BAR. Who doesn't love a good bar! This is your chance to be creative and allow your guests to make their own treat. This can include a table with different sweets (sweet potato pie, cupcakes, cookies, tarts, fruit bowls, brownies, etc.). The kids will LOVE this section! You can also have a salad bar where your family can create their favorite salad and customize it with their favorite toppings and dressing.

3. Don't Forget to Label your Food. Just in case someone isn't sure what a dish is you can create labels with the name of each dish. This will help create a stress-less evening for you.

4. Use Different Heights. To increase visual interest, serve certain dishes on a pedestal or use rustic boxes to add height. 

Some flowers placed in mason jars can add color and depth to your buffet stations.

Some flowers placed in mason jars can add color and depth to your buffet stations.

5. Add Decorative Accessories. Since we are celebrating with those that we love, add some festive decorations around your buffet stations like candles, plants or pottery/vases. This will add an another layer of interest to your delicious stations. 

Whether you are enjoying this holiday as a big family or a small intimate sit down dinner, don't forget to be thankful for what you have. 

Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!


5 Must Have Decor Accessories for Fall

Fall is here and it's one of my favorite seasons of the year (Spring is my second). There's something about fall that brings new changes. Maybe it's the start of school, or the new football season, or the rich colors of the leaves outside as they fall to the ground.

If you're like me you want to bring change to your home now that fall is here. Simply add these 5 accessories to help bring the comfort and warmth of the new season!

must have decor accessories for fall

must have decor accessories for fall

1. Throw

Fall brings colder days and nights therefore, having a throw is convenient to have on hand. However, a throw is not only a cozy accessory on a chilly day but it also adds color and texture to your space - making it a functional & stylish accessory!

for this bedroom suite I draped an orange throw on the brown leather bench for color and texture.

for this bedroom suite I draped an orange throw on the brown leather bench for color and texture.

2. Picture Frames

I love picture frames because they turn a simple photograph into a piece of art. Picture frames can be changed periodically with a different image or photo. In my designs I always use different size frames and finishes to add visual interest.

3. Pumpkin Accessories

Pumpkins are not only for jack-o-lanterns. They can be painted and accessorized for a festive touch!

tie a ribbon around a pumpkin for a festive fall touch. 

tie a ribbon around a pumpkin for a festive fall touch. 

4. Candles

Candles are my favorite accessory! They instantly add ambiance, a warm glow and a pleasant scent to your space. Tip: If you are using metallic or covered candles consider using flameless operated be on the safe side.

In this living room design I accessorized this ETAGERE with metallic candle votives using flameless canadles for a worry-free warm glow. 

In this living room design I accessorized this ETAGERE with metallic candle votives using flameless canadles for a worry-free warm glow. 

5. Storage Basket

Storage baskets are a great way to conceal storage. They come in varies sizes based on your needs. Use them to store magazines, paper, kid's toys, extra pillows and blankets. Choose a basket that fits your style. For example, if you have an industrial style, consider using metal wire baskets to store items like catalogs or books. If you have a rustic or traditional style, you may want to use woven baskets with more detail. 

woven baskets

woven baskets

However you decide to enjoy this fall season, be sure to incorporate these small accessories to make a big visual impact to your space.

Need help accessorizing your space? Let's talk! Call me today 610.921.2780.

Here's to enjoying the new season!


Classic & Casual: How to design a balanced space.

As many of you know Georgette Marise Interiors is named after my late grandmother Georgette Belfong and my late mother Suzanne Marise Guillaume. These women played a large role in the development of my own style and why I fell in love with design.

How to Design a balanced space.

How to Design a balanced space.

Just to give you a little late grandmother Georgette lived in Manhattan during her later years and lived a metropolitan lifestyle. She had an appreciation for timeless decor, classical music and tailored fashion. Being from the Caribbean she spoke fluent French, loved to travel and enjoyed hosting formal dinner parties in her New York apartment. Her style was focused around fine details. 

Georgette is the classic part of the georgette marise style.

Georgette is the classic part of the georgette marise style.

My late mother Suzanne Marise, also from the Caribbean, lived both a metropolitan and suburban lifestyle. Her view on style was very casual and simplistic yet sophisticated. Everything she owned was functional and held up to everyday use. Unlike my grandmother, she enjoyed hosting casual (less formal) dinner parties. 



Together Georgette & Marise inspired me to develop my own style. As an interior designer, I have an appreciation for a variety of design periods used in the proper manner. I believe design is personal, functional and stylish. Good design should be a reflection of your personality. Georgette & Marise had two different personalities, which I've always admired. As an adult and now mother I have developed a classic & casual style that works with my overall lifestyle.

start with these 3 steps to achieve a balanced designed space.

start with these 3 steps to achieve a balanced designed space.

What is your style? Are you classic, casual or both? Share your style in the comments below, I'd love to know! 

A well balanced space is able to be functional and stylish with a mixture of classic & casual decor. Contact me today at 610.924.2780 to find out how you can have your personality reflected in your space. 

Here's to creating classic & casual spaces!




How to Get the Look of a Luxury Hotel Room

Ever wish your bedroom could look and feel like a clean, relaxing getaway? With just a few decor essentials you can transform your bedroom into a hotel-style bedroom. 

The key to creating a hotel-style bedroom is to remove clutter. You have to make your bedroom a space where you can be yourself and feel pampered. If you have clutter in your bedroom, it's not going to feel like a peaceful oasis. 

Upholstered Headboard. The bed is the focal point of the bedroom. An upholstered headboard can add texture and softness to your bedroom. If you are going to use an upholstered headboard, I would recommend a neutral color (i.e. cream, beige, brown, grey, etc.) to allow for versatility.

Coverlet. Often times in a luxury hotel room the bedding is layered with a duvet, bed sheets and standard pillows in crisp white. The coverlet is the layer that usually is folded and tucked at the foot of the bed and provides the accent to the white base layers. Design Tip: If you have a white base, add a tone-on-tone solid color or pattern print coverlet for interest.

Accent Pillows. Pillows in a bedroom are essential in a bedroom. I personally encourage clients to incorporate 2-3 euro shams and 2-3 different sized decorative pillows for a final touch to setting a bed. This will add dimension, texture and color to your bedding. 

"Pillows are to a room what jewelry is to an outfit." - S. Hayes

Nightstand. Your nightstand is one of the most used table surfaces in the bedroom. Therefore it has to be functional, durable and stylish. The style and design has to shine next to your bed. Design Tip: For a unique look choose a nightstand that contrast with your bed. Just make sure it is proportioned and balanced properly to your bed frame.

Lighting. Lighting is key to any space. Luxury hotel rooms use layers of light sources in each room for efficient, focused and accent lighting such as table lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps. Wall sconces beside the bed frame are a great alternative to table lamps on nightstands. Wall sconces can serve as both task and accent lighting. 

Lastly, hotel rooms use neutral wall colors combined with textured wallpaper like grasscloth to add depth. Neutral wall colors create a fresh and clean base to your color palette. This allows for colorful and interchangeable accessories. 

Creating a luxury hotel style bedroom is all about the details and quality. With the right placement, accents, and finishing touches you can turn your busy and tired bedroom into a relaxing hotel style room. To add a little luxury details to your room contact me today at to get started today. 

Here's to creating a relaxing oasis!


Project Tour: Outdoor Retreat



Recently, I had the joy of capturing an outdoor project I decorated through my Votre Chambre design service. This busy family of four lives a very social life and wanted to use their large backyard to fit their needs. They called on a professional landscaper to design and create an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, pavilion, hardscape, landscaping, and outdoor lighting.  Once the hardscape and landscape were complete it was time to design and furnish this multi layered area. 

Dilemma: How to create multi sitting areas while maximizing the seating and making it feel warm, inviting, and comfortable. 

Solution: Since my client wanted an overall comfortable and stylish look I designed a lounge sitting area under the pavilion to seat 6-7 people. In order to accomplish that I used an L-shape sectional with a matching chair and ottoman complimented by a swing chair for an accent. The base was a white outdoor fabric accented by bold colored pillows filled with detailed patterns.

Photography by Simone Merrique

Photography by Simone Merrique

This family loves to entertain intimate dinner parties as well as large gatherings. In order to create a space great for everyday use and large dinner parties I furnished the space near the outdoor kitchen with a bar height bistro table with a stone top and 4 contrasting wicker stools for everyday dining. For a more formal setting I selected a durable rectangular wood-like farm table made of environmentally-friendly Resysta® contrasted by wicker dining chairs.

The color palette was inspired by the bold colors from the pavilion area and colors from the interior of my client's home, also designed my me. Design Tip: Be sure to carry the same style and some colors from the interior of your home. This will help create a smooth transition from the inside to the outside of your home.  

Relaxing fire pit. Photography by Simone Merrique.

Relaxing fire pit. Photography by Simone Merrique.

With a mood board for inspiration, a complete shopping list for convenience, and a floor plan drawn to scale my client was equip to shop and arrange the furnishings with ease due to the Votre Chambre by Georgette Marise package. So are you ready to start your design project? Let me do the hard part of producing a personalized space for you that is stylish and functional. Click here to get started!

Here's to the final days of summer!


Color. How to Use it Properly when decorating your home.

Color! Some people are terrified of it and others LOVE it! Where do you fall? As an interior designer my clients require guidance on how to apply the appropriate color palette for their home. In most cases, it is common for people to feel overwhelmed when selecting colors on their own to decorate a space.  Color affects your mood and your perception of a space or object.

"Let's embrace your comfort level with color and learn how to incorporate it into your home." 

using color correctly.  PAINT: SW 6379 JERSEY CREAM

using color correctly.  PAINT: SW 6379 JERSEY CREAM

Develop a Palette. Every space needs a color palette. A color palette is an index of all the main colors that are selected for the room.  When developing a color palette first decide on which color will be the primary color in the space. I suggest compiling three to five different colors for your space. Let’s create a scenario using a color palette that consist of teal and rust. A great color to add to the palette would be a neutral color, a latte or a butter yellow to balance the two main colors. 

Choosing your Colors.  Ever go to a paint store to find a color to paint your room and feel lost? The good news is that you will only need 3 or 5 colors for your palette. A good exercise when deciding on colors is to find out what colors inspire you and use them in layers. A trade secret that professionals use often is selecting a primary color for the main walls, a secondary color for an accent wall, and a third color for details such as ceiling paint options.

If you are having a hard time finding inspiration flip through some decorating magazines, browse online or take a trip to a furniture showroom to get some ideas on color combinations that they use and make sure to talk to your interior designer to get a professional opinion on colors you selected for your space. If your inspiration piece has more than 5 colors, choose 3 to 5 of those colors to incorporate in your room.

Using Layers of Color. Once you have determined your color palette, you need to make sure that you have light, medium, and dark colors throughout your palette. Your colors can come from your paint, flooring, furniture, or accessories. You might have a color palette that has 5 different colors that compliment each other and has a hint of warm or cool, but if all 5 colors are the same tone or shade this creates a flat, uninteresting color palette. Even if your room were to consist of one color in order for everything in the room to not camouflage you will need to create a palette with light, medium, and dark tones.

"Making sure your palette has light, medium, and dark tones creates dimension and interest to any room."

I used a mixture of light, medium and dark colors to create a well balanced color palette. Paint: SW 6379 Jersey Cream

I used a mixture of light, medium and dark colors to create a well balanced color palette. Paint: SW 6379 Jersey Cream

In this townhouse living room, I used the lighter tones on the walls, ceiling, ottoman and the area rug.  The medium color tones were used in the sofa, pillows and window treatments, and I used the darkest tones in the leather recliner and the wood floors.

Color is an essential piece to decorating and designing any room. It will affect how you see and feel in a room. Using the proper amount of colors creates layers of interest in a space.



Are you still feeling stuck with what colors to use on your walls? Are you worried about making a mistake? Choose my Paint Color Suggestions service today and get hand picked color options perfect for your space. Don't forget to leave your comments below.

Here's to decorating with color!